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Kickstart for Kids Breakfast Program


5 March 2020

Kickstart for Kids Breakfast Program

Kickstart for Kids Breakfast Program

This year, Scotch College was given the opportunity to be responsible for running the Kickstart for Kids Breakfast Program at Clovelly Park Primary School on Tuesday and Thursday mornings!

The program runs for the duration of the school year as part of the Year 10 Personal Learning Program. We are now three weeks in, and our students are participating admirably. 

In teams of five, students arrive to Clovelly Park PS at 8am, make and serve breakfast, positively engage with the children, and leave the breakfast area sparkling clean by 9am. Each team runs two breakfast over a fortnight period. Staff at Clovelly Park PS regularly comment on the happy vibe in the schoolyard on breakfast days. Our wonderful GAP students, Hope Lushington, Holly Greenhalgh and Kirsty Stewart, are the constant in this process. They have confidently taken on a leadership role with the program, accompanying our students and overseeing the process. Their positive outlook has contributed to its success. 

We are grateful to Ian Steel, CEO of KickStart for Kids, for entrusting Scotch College Year 10 students with the Clovelly Park PS program. Our students have much greater purpose, and a better understanding of volunteering and real service. All year 10 students will have the opportunity to participate in the KickStart Breakfast Program.

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 can also apply to volunteer at Camp KickStart during the school holidays; an experience which supports children at risk during the holiday period, providing a happy and safe environment, and develops leadership, strengthens initiative and provides the satisfaction of seeing the joy amongst the children.

Sherilyn Craven
Service Learning Project Leader

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