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Lessons Learnt


29 November 2018

Lessons Learnt

Lessons Learnt

This will be the final campus eNews for 2018 which signals a fantastic week ahead!

I look forward to seeing many of you at the various end of year concerts, functions and ceremonies. One of the many things I love about Scotch is our strength when we come together as a community to celebrate and formally acknowledge the efforts of the students and their achievements. 

Over the next ten days we will have the opportunity to recognise the individuals who are recognised as leaders in their academics. Kelly and I are finalising the lists for these awards and it is gratifying to see so many names. There are of course those who will be awarded multiple prizes and a special congratulations to them. 

There will also be those who don’t receive an award and yet have given great effort and shown significant growth through the outcomes they have achieved this year.  

But a Scotch academic education is much more than results. We are firmly committed to ensuring our students become learners for life. 

I could write a lengthy paper on how we do this but in essence it is our focus on several key elements for students which we know works to develop passion for learning that will influence their futures. In addition to knowing the whole person at Scotch we:

  • work with students to show them that learning is engaging, challenging and rewarding,
  • highlight that learning from mistakes is a strength and a growth mindset enables great things to happen and
  • foster a learning environment that enables intrinsic motivation to flourish through the development of personal responsibility. 

In a community where the partnership and conversation between home and school is strong we are able to recognise and celebrate that we are all learners. 

As you reflect on the academic journey of your child this year I am sure you would choose to celebrate knowing that your child has given their best effort and made the most of opportunities to grow and develop their aptitude for learning.

Over the final week we will finish strong. In the classroom we have designed for our Middle School students integrated learning experiences and our senior students will be coming back for exam results, feedback and ensuring their program for next year is settled.

Kelly, Teresa, Shawn and I look back on this year as one of great success for the campus and as we prepare for next year we can do so knowing that we can do more of what works well, stop the stuff that inhibits progress and occasionally try something new. If it ain’t broke, we know not to tamper and we also know our challenge is to ensure it is relevant and amplifies the very best of a successful learning community. We look forward to the launch of our next Strategic Plan and our anticipation for a successful and exciting Centenary year grows by the day! 

Wishing you all a joyful Christmas and fantastic New Year.


Last night was a magnificent ANZAC Tribute at Centennial Park. 4,000 flags were laid, led by Scotch College student……