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Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves


2 November 2018

Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves

Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves

The Year 12 farewell assembly last week exceeded expectations.

It was a moving and poignant occasion punctuated by good humour, excellent speeches and amazing performances. I am often met with the observation at this point of the year of “well you must be happy now to have Year 12 finished – that’s a lot off your plate,” and yes, part of me agrees it is great to see our graduands take the next bold steps as they transition into their next phase of life. BUT….

There are still five-year levels on campus and over the coming weeks each group will have their own journey to complete. It is in the final term that we ask students to really strengthen their resilient mindset. Now is the time to finish the year well. 

Dr Sharp and I remind students at this pivotal point in the year that those who show resilience will continue to grow.  When we look for a resilient mindset we are looking for individuals who:

  • See mistakes as a necessary part of their learning
  • Persist and continue to have a go
  • Don’t use blame 
  • Know how to shift gears and not settle for second best in their energy levels 
  • Show that their concentration moves easily between being focused on the external and internally reflective
  • Value sleep! 
  • Demonstrate robustness to overcome challenges, make good decisions and seek the input of others 
  • Seek feedback in order to improve

There is much to be achieved during this term and as we reach the “hard work” weeks. Assignments will be due, and much learning is to be had – now is not the time to take our mind off the game. 

In the coming week Year 10 finish class assignments, prepare for exams and the 3-week rotation through Work Experience, Service Learning and of course Goose! 

We will hold our new Students’ Orientation day. Year 7 and 8 students will experience the leadership selection process and associated activities. Year 9 will start their formal transition across the Gratton Lawns to spend time with their Senior School mentors. Year 11 will prepare their activity program for 2019 and learn more about the importance of the White Ribbon campaign as we prepare for our annual day of action on the November 23. We will hold two Remembrance Services to mark the 100 years anniversary of the end of the Great War. As a school founded in the name of the Sons of Scotland’s who served in that war, on Friday a group of students from our Year 11 History class will lead our annual commemoration. Then on Sunday our Caledonian Band and Year 11 leaders will attend the Centennial Park commemoration service. At that service Lucie Spurling and Hugh Whittle will give the guest oration. We invite our community to join in this special service which starts at 10.30am. 

The blooming of the Jacaranda’s and Remembrance Day service signify we are nearing the end but there is still much to do!

Have a great weekend.


Last night was a magnificent ANZAC Tribute at Centennial Park. 4,000 flags were laid, led by Scotch College student……