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Listening to Our Community


20 October 2017

Listening to Our Community

Listening to Our Community

Over the last term there has been significant consultation with our community. The collaboration has strengthened our educational offering and importantly enabled us to continue to grow to serve the needs of our students and their families.  

In the community parent survey, we were delighted with the feedback around the work we do on Torrens Park Campus. Our families recognised through ranking and comments three areas of note:

  1. Rigor, challenge and breadth of the curriculum and co-curriculum
  2. Preparation of our students for the future
  3. Regular feedback on student performance

As with any feedback process we also wanted to understand those matters for the leadership team to note and take action upon. The five areas highlighted for response were:

  1. Clarifying of homework expectations and consistency in SEQTA feedback
  2. Providing greater feedback around individual student wellbeing issues
  3. Refine the content and style of eNews
  4. Improve the lines of communication in PA and Sport
  5. Provide greater access to information around co- curriculum opportunities

We have allocated key staff to each and have commenced processes to address these areas. We look forward to continuing to improve our provision and as always welcome constructive feedback on any area of our provision outside of formal processes.


What’s happening in Sport

 As we commence the summer season it is timely to have a quick update about what is happening with sport. Darren Beanland, Director of Sport, has over the last 9 months reviewed and sought input from our Heads of individual sports, coaches, supervisors, parent support groups and teaching staff to form a considered position about where to next for our sports program.

This year Darren has led successful changes to our sports offering to give greater parity in resources and support across different sports, provided more options for our girls and worked on the model for sport at Scotch which will be formally launched at the start of 2018.

The new model is a strengthening of our position and recognizes that as a school we value sport and all the worthwhile outcomes that its provision gives to our students. It works from a base of inclusion with the compulsory program beginning on Mitcham Campus. It also recognizes that we want to develop an environment where we can further develop individuals and teams to play at competitive levels with our desire to put our best teams on ground each week. This approach will see the development of pathways through various specialist academies in addition to enhanced environments for each code where students, staff and parents contribute to their continued growth.

Individual excellence will be nurtured and there will be opportunities to collaborate with external partners in our provision. 

Darren will continue to seek opinion and collaboration with stakeholders to formalize our policy and practice from the start of 2018. There is a strong investment in the provision of resources for our sports program and under Darren’s leadership and with community support we will have an offering which other schools envy. Thank you to all those who have contributed to the conversation this year to ensure our next steps align with the best interests of our students as they are developed through our sports provision.

In the process of development of the sports model we understand that we cannot be all things to all people and rather than continuing to add to our formal sports offering we now have developed alternative pathways through community sports. A community sport are those sports which operate under the auspices of the College and involve our students in representation in sports which are not a part of our regular summer and winter interschool sports competition. They are a parent organised activity. In offering a community sport there is a memorandum of understanding between the College and each Parent Support Group who have put together the proposal and undertake to be responsible for the continued offering of the program over a period of five years. All community sport offerings must meet strident requirements in risk and compliance as defined by the College for the protection of our students and must fall under the insurance of the external provider organisation e.g. Cycling SA. In addition to the well-established Pedal Prix (TPC) program, Cycling and Equestrian programs are now available across the College. Community sports may be selected by students as an additional program to the expected participation in representative sports for the College i.e. not instead of their current sport choice. For further information regarding community sport please contact your Head of Campus.

Finally, just to clarify Darren is responsible for Year 6-12 student sport (i.e. not MC sport for younger year levels). If there are matters regarding MC sport please contact Adam Rosser.

If at any time you wish to provide feedback about any aspect of our sports offering please contact Darren


A school with a conscience

Last term I attended a full day training session for White Ribbon in Schools program. We have been a lighthouse school for 4 years showing support and leadership in education for this important cause.  White Ribbon aims to bring about generational change in creating a community where domestic violence of men against women is eradicated. I felt proud that we already have in place many of the approaches and classroom strategies suggested for use in schools.

It remains a scourge on the Australian community that 1 in 3 women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence perpetrated by someone known to them. Current statistics show that female deaths as a direct result of domestic violence committed by male partners is almost at 2 a week – sadly this statistic has been increasing over the last decade. In Australia 1 in 4 children are exposed to domestic violence. Domestic violence against women knows no boundaries when it comes to race, economic status or location. The devastation caused by men’s violence against women has a ripple effect which undermines our community in many areas.

Our Year 11 students decided in 2014 that it was time to take a stand on a social issue that worked against the core values of the school, respect and compassion. They wanted to support the very essence of coeducation - a culture where girls and boys are equal and expect to be treated accordingly. Participation in our program has given our students skills around being a positive bystander, to have the courage to call out what is inexcusable behaviour, an ability to debate and take positive action against a negative element in our society and to come together to develop a shared set of values in a world where ambiguity often undermines certainty.  We are a school with a conscience and a willingness to encourage and support students to take an ethical and moral position on things that matter.

This year I would like to extend an invitation to our parent community to join with our Year 11s in supporting this great cause. White Ribbon has accreditation programs for the workplace and I would like our students to know that our immediate community stands beside them in taking action.

more information is available at

Our Day of Action is Friday 24 November and if you would like to get involved and be part of that day please contact

Looking forward to a fantastic Term 4.


That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!