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MASA Quiz Night 2020


7 August 2020

MASA Quiz Night 2020

MASA Quiz Night 2020

The Annual MASA Student Quiz Night was held this week under an altered, online format with competition offered only to senior students across different schools. Although the evening presents itself to be an enjoyable one with focus on collaboration and problem-solving amongst the team, competition is in fact rather fierce!  

We had two teams from Scotch College. Lily Wu, Yitian Chen and Daniel Fraterman were possibly enticed by pizza but were clearly advantaged with strategies in solving sudoku puzzles and well-versed with the Chinese zodiac (Which animal would come last alphabetically?)’ as well as mathematical terms defining ‘a ring-shaped space formed by two concentric circles’.

Sam Atherton, Will Castine-Price, Zac Horbelt and Tom Voyvodic, however, had experience on their side and were able efficiently resolve problems including unscrambling ‘A dim pry’ (mathematical term) and ‘Id can boot’ (Australian fauna word) in the final section. There was indeed reason to celebrate when the team was once again declared winner of the Best General Knowledge section – in fact the boys’ third consecutive win!

A special thank you to Liam Hay and Georgia Bradford for their smooth organisation of this successful evening.

Olga Kumar
Head of Mathematics

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