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Mitcham Campus Curriculum Update: Our Physical and Natural World


2 September 2019

Mitcham Campus Curriculum Update: Our Physical and Natural World

Mitcham Campus Curriculum Update: Our Physical and Natural World

Throughout the Mitcham Campus each year level focuses on a different signature learning experience.

The students have been engaged in a number of inquiries, which promote learning with curiosity and innovative thinking. In the junior primary P-2 investigation sessions, the students have been acutely aware of making connections from explicit teaching and learning, mastering the literacy and numeracy skills and creating innovative ideas into known objects that have form and function. 

Prep and Reception- Wondering, Inquiring, Curiosity & Creativitydeveloping a love of learning andsetting the foundations for future learning

Year 1 - Being & Belongingwith a view tovaluing everyone’s talents and gifts ‘every face has a place’ at Scotch

In Year 1, the spelling inquiries have led to more experimentation in their writing, allowing the thoughts to flow freely. In literacy, and in particular the teaching of spelling junior primary teams have been upskilling their knowledge. It is important to understand that your child’s writing skills are a work in progress. We want them to be creative communicators and encourage them to be risk takers. You will see many attempts at spelling in their writing. We deliberately do not correct every spelling attempt. We look for the teachable moments, because the purpose of correction is to provide meaningful feedback for growth.

Year 2 - Exploring & Connectingdeveloping greater independence and success

The emphasis in Year 2 is on polishing the story-writing. The students have been book-making and have now selected a piece to publish. They have been reading each other’s stories in class and throughout this process of writing, they have been refining their literacy skills with more independence and success. 

Year 3 Identity & Purpose: developing understanding of others and seeing the benefits of diverse views

Students in Year 3 are making deeper connections with their knowledge of Australia and its neighbouring country, New Zealand. Students use graphic organisers, like a Venn diagram to sort ideas and communicate similarities and differences. They have researched google maps to match time zones and developed the science concepts of shadows in relation to night and day across our earth.  

Year 4 Courage & Challengesbuilding resiliency

In Year 4, the inquiry unit on forces has engaged student’s knowledge about Newton’s laws of gravity and through this inquiry they have designed and tested their prototype.  (pictures) In this unit they will be creating a recycled model of a ‘Funfair’ that encapsulates the forces of physics and demonstrates the different forces at work.

Year 5 - Influence & Action developing personal voice and involvement

Adaptations in plants and animals is key to the inquiry in Year 5, where the students investigate biomes and question the impact of environmental and genetic factors. On the wonder wall students ask the provocative questions and develop a personal voice for action. As humans, we can adapt to different environments by changing the clothes that we wear (for example putting on more clothes to keep warm), or by changing our behaviour (such as drinking lots of water when it is hot). We can buy food from the supermarket, get water from the tap and our homes provide shelter and protection from the weather. But what about the plants and animals that survive in these different environments? How do they adapt?

Year 6 - Leadership & Collaborationpreparing for transition to future contexts

How does health impact on our body? Students in Years 6 have been creating surveys to develop deeper and more complex inquiries about healthy lifestyles. They have been analysing and summarising the data. These inquiries include the impact on our overall health on such areas as: nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, diabetes, agriculture/farming, physical fitness of Olympians and pro-surfing training schedules. Documentaries such as Damon Gameau’s ‘That sugar film’ and the new edition of ‘2040’ have been the basis of the research for this cohort. The presentations will be well-worth attending.

Congratulations to Tom and Sol, who recently achieved second place in the Digital Technologies Hub Arcade Game co