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Mitcham Campus News


28 April 2017

Mitcham Campus News

Mitcham Campus News

I was sorry to have missed the final assembly for the term, whilst away on Study Leave. I have been in Italy, Amsterdam and France undertaking workshops and lessons in the area of Arts Education (a study tour I had organised more than a year ago). I believe that instilling a love of the arts, and developing arts expression is a vital aspect of our children’s education. Study of the arts is also a core avenue for learning about history, language and culture of other countries and times. I also believe that it is important for adults to keep learning, in the same way we place importance on education for our children.

Since joining Scotch I have enjoyed getting to know your children and look forward to getting to know them all even better next term.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday. I have reminded the children to use this time to see something new, eat something they haven’t tried before, try a new activity, help someone, show gratitude to someone and to read, read and read!

I would like to thank your children’s teachers for the hard work that they have put in this term to help your children achieve their best.

Final reminders to Mitcham Campus Parents

Please take time to check that your child’s winter uniform still fits at the beginning of the holidays! We have been reminding them that the sports jacket (R-2) and blazer (yr 3-6) must be worn as the outer garment of the uniform travelling to and from school.

Please also remember that, next term, there will be a blitz on parking, and dropping off at yellow lines, in the interests of the safety of all our children.

Ieva Hampson
Head of Mitcham Campus


Mitcham Campus Grandparents’ Day

On Thursday, 6th April 2017 Scotch College Mitcham Campus, hosted Grandparents’ Day.  Over 750 grandparents attended on the day and were treated to some wonderful performances from students. Every student of Mitcham Campus performed in musical items, showcasing the wonderful Music and Performing Arts programmes on offer from ELC to Year 6. Later in the morning the Grandparents were invited for morning tea on the picturesque Kallawar Lawns. It was a privilege to talk about our education and the work we do in class, and to compare our schooling with that of our Grandparents. All Grandparents were given a personalised tour around the campus, visiting the following areas: Science Garden, Library and the Aboriginal Garden. We all enjoyed the day very much and so did our Grandparents.

Some quotes from Grandparents:

Question: What music did you listen to?

The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Metallica Queen.

Question: If you could give me one piece of advice, what would that be?

“Never, ever give up!” Scott Hicks

“You can achieve anything that you dedicate yourself to.” Kerry Hicks

“Follow your passion!” Tio (Spanish for uncle)

— Lachlan Burgan, Toby Bywater and Will Jantzen (Year 6)