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Nearly There


3 December 2017

Nearly There

Nearly There

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of another great year for Torrens Park Campus.

This coming week is one of my favourites as we come together to celebrate many successes and share time together. I boast often that we do the start of year well… and we do. We take our time to set up our year over three days in late January to ensure we are ready to launch with confidence. And as we conclude 2017 I believe we can boast that together we’ve had a good one.

Tonight, we will come together for A Taste of Christmas where the upper Junior school and Middle school musicians and drama students present to us the Christmas story and we have an opportunity to share in its telling. Last week I had the opportunity to drop in on the combined band rehearsal and for a group that have only rehearsed together three times I was elated. A reminder there is a sausage sizzle at 5pm in readiness for the presentation at 6pm. The decision to move music band and ensemble rehearsals to Tuesdays afternoons is paying off and the standard continues to improve. I also attended the Performing Arts scheduling meeting for 2018 last week and we have a wonderful year planned to continue to nurture and strengthen the dynamic offering in this area. Whilst we cannot offer every student every opportunity we have been able to offer more students greater opportunities. The Performing Arts and Caledonian staff and students are at times seemingly taken for granted as we expect their presence and representation across the year at so many events. I know they will make our celebrations this week and next memorable.

A heartfelt thanks to all those who will be involved.

Boarders High Tea is on Wednesday evening and that is an opportunity for a very special group of people in our community to come together and celebrate as families and friends. The trust you place in us to look after your children and work with you through the ups and downs of teenage life is a responsibility we take seriously. The boarding community is a microcosm of our College. We have country kids, Yalari students, internationals, parent volunteers, nursing staff, teaching staff, mums and dads from all over the world ensuring that this community succeeds. David Scholz, Kara Cleary, Meredith Ridgway, Susie Grabham and Sam Prior are an impressive team. They get to work each day with impressive students and their parents who stand united as one big family. Success in boarding is integral to our campus a huge thank you to all who contribute to make that success.

On Thursday night, we have Speech Night and recognise the academic achievements of our students. But the evening is much more than that. We also have the opportunity to hear about the College and acknowledge what a great year it has been. This year at the ceremony the Council Chair, Mr Raymond Spencer, will as part of his review, induct another Scotch Legend as we acknowledge continued and outstanding service to the College of key individuals. We will hear from Dr Newton and our College CoCaptains as they reflect and celebrate milestones in the journey of Scotch and present an insight into the next steps. Our special guest presenter for the evening will be His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC, Governor of South Australia. All students from years 10,11, and 12 are expected to attend. This will be a fitting conclusion to the academic year for our Year 11 and 12 students. I extend a warm invitation to all parents to attend and be part of this important ceremony.

On Friday, we have the Principal’s Graduation Dinner for Year 12 students and their Parents. A fun evening and wonderful occasion to come together and share a meal as graduates of the College. I will be sending a letter out to our Year 11 Parents and students this week to discuss the format for our end of year celebrations for students this week. May I please ask that you consider the options available and return feedback – I’m interested in hearing about all options and possible solutions.

Next week we have the Middle School Fair Day on Monday which is a significant occasion to continue the fundraising and service campaign to support the Leukaemia Foundation. There will be quite a few haircuts on the day as students who have painstakingly grown their hair will have it shaved off to support the cause and the making of wigs for cancer patients. The Middle School End of Year ceremony commences at 10am on Tuesday. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr Sharp and her team for all the wonderful learning that has taken place this year in the Middle School – there is much to celebrate.

My final thanks go to our Maintenance and Grounds and Admin teams. None of the events we come together for this week would be possible without their hard work. The Chapel will have 7 reconfigurations during this time. The hard work of the Admin teams is greatly appreciated – a lot goes on to make 7 significant events work.

I hope to see you at some of these events and for a lucky few at all of them!

We started well and we will finish well. I look forward to hearing of the success of our Year 12 students on the 18 December when SACE results will be published.

All the best for a safe, holy and happy Christmas and looking forward to a brilliant 2018!


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