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09:15AM 11 February
Week 3
Early Learning Centre Tour (T1W3...
07:00PM 13 February
5 Tips for Parents
Michael Carr-Gregg Parent Seminar
07:00PM 15 February
Back to the Boatshed 2020
09:15AM 20 February
Week 4
Junior School Tour (T1W4 2020)
09:00AM 27 February
Week 5
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 04 March
Week 6
Early Learning Centre Tour (T1W6...
09:15AM 11 March
Week 7
Junior School Tour (T1W7 2020)
11:30AM 15 March
Solitaire Automotive Presents One...
09:15AM 26 March
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Early Learning Centre Tour (T1W9...
09:00AM 31 March
Week 10
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
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Oratory Update


4 March 2018

Oratory Update

Oratory Update

You Should Hear This

On Wednesday 28 February, we launched You Should Hear This. The program is run by students to encourage student voice, aiming to get young people involved or at least aware of topical foreign affairs. The program has been implemented as a conversational and casual, yet intellectual way to share opinions after hearing a volunteer’s speech followed by a Q&A session. On Wednesday, we commenced by talking about what is happening in Guantanamo Bay, specifically the treatment of suspected terrorists in breach of human rights, the U.S governments role to protect its people and what Australia should do about it, if anything. Grace King was our volunteer speaker, and gave our audience her opinion on what she believes is immoral treatment of those suspected criminals who haven’t been put on trial. I aim to run these events about once a month, depending on when topics arise in the news that we believe students should hear.


YOUTH Impact

Throughout the past year, current students from Year 10 and 11 have been involved with a program called YOUTH Impact, aiming to promote the importance of youth voice before the upcoming election. On Thursday, the final session was held in the chambers of Parliament House. We were lucky enough to speak to education minister Susan Close, as well as a member for Liberal and the Greens, both involved with youth policies. This gave us an opportunity to voice what we believe to be most important to us the future of our state, with a group of other passionate schools. The chosen topics of specific interest to young people were mental health, substance abuse, and youth involvement in politics. This was a very valuable experience, a chance to speak with the policy makers on the policies we want implemented.


Waite Candidates

Friday, all Scotch senior school students, and the Year 6’s from Mitcham campus were granted the opportunity to become more politically aware before the election. We welcomed a panel of candidates from the Waite electorate from The Greens, Liberal, Labour, The Dignity Party and SA Best. Riki, Onor and I comprised questions under the topics: education, economy and jobs, environment and law and order. Finally, we heard a 30 second summary on what candidates believed were their most important policies, giving the audience a final impression to walk away with.

Before we concluded the session, students were then asked to temporarily forget their previous political stance, and vote for who they thought the best panellist was from the session. Hearing from the politicians gave us a unique chance to hear the differences in policies, and I’d imagine was very insightful for those Year 12’s who will be voting in the upcoming election.

Lalla Nugent
2018 Oratory Ambassador

That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!