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Performing Arts Update: Week 4


22 May 2020

Performing Arts Update: Week 4

Performing Arts Update: Week 4

In the week of return for Performing Arts Co-Curricular Programs, we are taking the opportunity to look back on what has been a challenging but incredibly inspired time for students involved in Performing Arts.

Our Scotchies have impressed us all with their dedication and enthusiasm for our online offerings. We had over 60 students regularly attend the Tuesday Online Band Ensemble program with Mrs Young, Dance students were delighted to continue their lessons via Zoom with Mrs Patterson and Mrs Richards, a Cosy Choir was created by Ms Romeo to keep us all singing, and Instrumental tutors continued to teach students online with their families getting an insight into what is often a one on one experience.

Our time of remote learning has allowed us as a faculty to reassess and evaluate how we can motivate and engage our students to be creative in new and exciting ways. In conjunction with the delivery of online programs, the Performing Arts team has put their minds and talents together and created the Performing Arts Hub; an online resource that provides students the opportunity to explore and engage in the arts and a place to connect with peers. 

We congratulate our students for their hard work at home and know that as we come back together, we will continue our strong Performing Arts community spirit of engagement, collaboration and creativity!

To look at the outstanding Performing Arts outcomes this term, please visit the Hub at (password scotcharts)

Essie Kruckemeyer
Performing Arts Secretary

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