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The Power of Purpose


13 June 2019

The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose

What a magnificent week it has been for the Scotch College community! The inaugural TEDx Youth event “The Power of Purpose” was yet another exceptional moment in this action-packed centenary year. The opportunity to hear deeply considered personal stories from local national and international speakers is a wonderful way to consider our own individual sense of purpose and how it relates to our collective communities.

Not to be outdone, the Middle School had their own Mini TEDx experience, featuring 2 of the main speakers and Old Collegian and former College Co-Captain, Matthew Alderman.

Purpose in its own right is a well-established concept in the literature. Increasingly data and studies are emerging that identify the significant benefits that come with having a clear understanding of what it means for any individual. 

Vic Strecher is one international expert, who has made the link between purpose and a range of health outcomes. He identifies that those with a clearly defined sense of purpose live longer, have more friends, report greater levels of happiness, have reduced risk of heart attack, stroke and Alzheimer’s, get better sleep, increase good cholesterol – just to name a few. For those who wish to continue riding the TED talk wave, I recommend his TED talk on purpose to you here.

When it comes to adolescents and purpose, it’s less likely that lower cholesterol will be the highly seductive drawcard to get moving. Purpose for adolescents is a less researched concept, however it is heavily linked to our experiences, values and identity development. 

Of the TEDx speakers, it was so pleasing to hear the talk from Gabriel ‘DyspOra’ Akon 

 to both Middle and Senior students on what some of the key contributors to finding our purpose should be – for example, finding and following your interests, looking for the gaps that exist in the world, seeking to do something beyond yourself by committing to something that is bigger than you. This message was perfectly complimented by 2016 College Co-Captain Matt Alderman who spoke with the Middle School about being deliberate with your choices. He encouraged Year 7-9 to be the student you want to be, and that the Scotch environment is ideally suited to supporting students through the changes that can occur to values, identity and purpose throughout the secondary years.

Illustrative of the many opportunities and experiences student will have to clarify their purpose – it’s been an enormous month of June. Please read on to see reports on TEDx Youth, reports from the Live Well Year 8 Program, our engagement with the current Thinkers in Residence Program, our Drug and Alcohol education pieces throughout Term 2, Piano, an annual appeal update, the Scotch Piano festival, the upcoming examinations for Year 10 and 11, followed by incursions for PLP and Research Project. In addition, the College is also seeking parent feedback on the Mentor and House System, your responses to the survey will be greatly valued.

We bid bon voyage to the 3 upcoming College tours over the break – namely the Caledonian Trip to Scotland and France, the Japan Trip and the GAIL Convention in China. All the best for a purposeful Week 8 and 9!

Shawn Kasbergen
Director of Student Wellbeing

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