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Quality Outcomes


6 August 2021

Quality Outcomes

Quality Outcomes

Everyone makes decisions whether it be for the state or nation’s safety right through to looking towards next year and beyond. The best decisions come from having an open mind, being rational after gathering all information and understanding the consequences of the decision. 

As a school we are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our position on the safety of our students and staff -this has certainly been evident during recent weeks. We have been working with the guidelines from SA Health and our advisory body AISSA to make decisions for the success of our musical and sporting competitions. And on a more micro level our students are getting ready to make decisions for their 2022 academic program. 

When deciding what subjects to study students naturally have lots of questions – if I don’t know what I want to do after school how do I choose for 2022? I don’t know what I’m going to do? Do I keep my options open? Does this subject get scaled?

But what it will come down to is making sure that students in discussion with their families have done their research. For our senior students in addition to our Careers program and related experiences we encourage them to check out the university open days, SATAC guides, ask questions of their key people around them at school. I encourage you to speak with our Careers counsellors and me if you reach a point where you are seeking additional guidance. 

I would suggest that students select 

  • Subjects they are interested in – play to your strengths
  • Choose at least one elective for a semester that gets them out of their comfort zone 
  • Think about the different thinking styles that are developed through the study of the subject 

Do not select subjects because of their friendship group – it’s their future, not their friends!


Beauty and the Beast

This week it has been fantastic to see all of our performers get to the stage to perform in Beauty and the Beast. Yes, it’s been done a bit differently but the amount of support that has been put around the show has been enormous to ensure that our students get to show us what they can do. Wednesday night and both Thursday performances were just fabulous. 

If you have missed out on a ticket, then make sure you register for the livestream from here.

Teresa Hanel
Deputy Principal and Head of Teaching & Learning