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Raising Boys and Girls – 2 exceptional nights with Steve Biddulph


22 March 2018

Raising Boys and Girls – 2 exceptional nights with Steve Biddulph

Raising Boys and Girls – 2 exceptional nights with Steve Biddulph

Over two emotion charged, informative and reflective nights, the Scotch community were treated to wonderful presentations by well-known psychologist, author and parent educator, Steve Biddulph.

Many will know Steve through his best-selling books, Raising Boys and Raising Girls, though hearing Steve first hand was an incredible privilege. On his first ever visit to Scotch, he navigated his way through the most pertinent and often most challenging topics when it comes to raising our young people.

For the ‘Raising Boys’ address, we learned the three stages of boyhood and the critical roles parents play. By providing many moments to reflect on the relationships we hold with our sons and our own fathers, Steve artfully blends the confronting with humour. An immediate take away for all of us is to spend more time with our boys. Not just quality time, but quantity time – as the critical moments often arise when they are least expected. Such experiences prove to be a strong protective factor for future relationships. All members of the audience left the evening with an overarching sense of love and deeper understanding of the young men in our lives.

Steve flagged early that the feeling would be very different when it came to the ‘Raising Girls’ talk. Highlighting that marketers have been particularly and deliberately cruel to girls over the last 10 years – we learned what the media teaches our girls and it was difficult to digest. We’ve seen the mental health of girls decline significantly over that time span. The key stages of girlhood were expanded upon and act as a buffer against the market and social forces that seek to disrupt the healthy development of our girls. Far from feeling despondent or overwhelmed, the audience left with a clear set of guidelines and a determination to ensure we seek and provide optimal outcomes for their development into young adults and beyond. 

It was a pleasure to share these evenings with the 800 people in attendance, the vast majority directly from the Scotch community. A shared sentiment is that the talks gave great perspective, hope and affirmation. I genuinely hope that the conversation continues in your own households, with other families and with friends. To paraphrase Steve, if the ideas you heard resonated with both your heart and your mind, then it’s something worth taking away. Scotch firmly believe that education is a partnership between the families, students and the school and I’m most interested in hearing your thoughts and perspectives about the evenings.

Many thanks to those who were able to come and my huge appreciation goes to Nat Felkl and Alli Evans in Development who transformed the Fisher Chapel into an intimate space for the 2 evenings.

I wish you all the best as we aim to continue to deliver positive outcomes for our young people.

Shawn Kasbergen
Director of Student Wellbeing

That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!