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Reconciliation Action Plan


31 May 2019

Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation Action Plan

This week is Reconciliation Week and activities have happened throughout in the Junior School, culminating with a walk and performances this morning on the Kallawar Lawns. The main focus on Torrens Park Campus was the Reconciliation Breakfast on Monday and our Reconciliation Assembly today.

Today was a powerful, touching and thoughtful time where we welcomed back three Ol Collegians, Jeffrey Newchurch, Mandy Brown and Jacob Nichaloff as our official guests for the day. Our students were privileged to hear Jeffrey’s heart felt words and were captivated by the emotional and potent story of his life and his time at Scotch in the 1970s. Even in the short hour or so since the assembly, I am humbled at how many students and staff have commented to me about how much they enjoyed his words and how much understanding they were able to gain from him being with us today. It was my privilege to welcome him back and look forward to nourishing this relationship.

This amazing experience was backed up by Jacob Nichaloff talking about his time at Scotch and then rapping his EP My People. His telling of his stuggle with racism and acceptance of himself as the child of an Aboriginal father and non-aboriginal mother is thought provoking and so enjoyable. We saw a clip of a Year 7 boy rapping in the big sing and then saw the man rapping professionally.

We finished with a blessing from Mandy Brown who was our guest speaker at last year’s assembly.

Prior to the assembly the Yalari boys gathered with our guests to gift them with a private smoking ceremony, which they thoroughly appreciated.

In the assembly I officially launched our Reconciliation Action Plan and the following was my presentation to the audience of mainly Torrens Park students.

Today I’m proud to launch the Scotch College reconciliation action plan. This plan is both aspirational and pragmatic. It is about how we see our future, a shared future interconnected with understanding and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their culture and history.  Our Reconciliation Action Plan shows us a path to finding our commonality and a series of actions and commitments that Scotch has made in order for us all to move together into an authentic shared future, based on respect, understanding, equity and equality.

I must first thank the Reconciliation Action Team who helped put this all together. Thank you, Kelly Sharp, Shahleena Martin, Georgia Bradford, Sam Smith, Michael Roberts, John Reeves, Georgie Seppelt and David Pace. Thank you all for your ongoing support.

Our reconciliation action plan looks at what we do today, what we want to do tomorrow and how we envisage for our connected future.

Today I am not going to detail each of our RAP actions, but it is about looking at ourselves; what can we as individuals, as a school, and as integral members of our community do to foster TRUE reconciliation, which is more than just attending this reconciliation assembly.

This year reconciliation Australia has asked us to have those difficult conversations, to confront those difficult truths and to listen and to be open to hearing different viewpoints and different truths. Is about opening up the past and seeing it for what it was acknowledging our roles within that and then finding ways and means to move forward.

Reconciliation at Scotch is not simply acknowledging these truths during reconciliation week. It Is not just having Aboriginal and Torres strait islander Yalari students at the school through scholarships, it is not just talking in humanities about the History of colonisation. It is about seeing ourselves as having the power, the foresight and the willingness to walk alongside our Aboriginal and Torrs Strait Islander brothers and sisters who have lived and occupied this land for more than 65,000 years. It is about being an ally, about respecting knowledge, customs, language, connection.

This is not just about Scotch’s big picture actions - it is about your actions

Any journey begins with a single step – what is your step going to be?

  • Maybe open one of those emails Ms McCarthy sent out,
  • Head into the city to Tandanya, to the museum, go to an art gallery or attend a community event,
  • Have a conversation with an aboriginal person,
  • Talking to Billy at footy,
  • Have lunch with Cheree on the Gratton lawns,
  • Hang in the library with Shahleena...

What is your next step?

Alison McCarthy
Yalari Coordinator