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Reminders for Students & Parents


28 April 2017

Reminders for Students & Parents

Reminders for Students & Parents

Year 11 Students

An increasing number of Year 11 students will be driving to school over the coming terms.

They have several responsibilities if they are intending to drive to school and have their car here.

Please note:

  • Year 11 students are not permitted to park on campus. They are permitted to park in side streets surrounding the school as marked.
  • If they students are driving to school they must complete a blue form available from Mrs Deans. There are P plate and School based restrictions re passengers and safety. These rules need to be understood and adhered to as per the instructions on the blue form. Parents need to read what is required and give permission.
  • At no stage are students to leave campus without signing out and the permission of parents.
  • From Week 3 Term 4 Year 11 students are permitted to park on campus in the Carruth Road car park.
  • Apart from boarders no student car is to be parked in the Blythwood or East Lane car parks.
  • Parking around Mitcham campus is not permitted.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.


Winter Uniform

Please ensure full winter uniforms are ready for the start of Term 2, Monday 1 May.  Students must wear their blazer to and from the College for winter terms.  Only when at school students may wear the jumper without a blazer.  Ties are to be worn correctly by boys and girls at all times in Terms 2 and 3.  The tie must be worn properly tied with the top button fastened.

Both boys and girls in the Middle School will wear the navy House ties.  Boys in the Senior School will wear the traditional tartan House tie.  Girls in the Senior School will wear the navy House tie.

Girls are expected to continue to tie back their hair.  Make up and nail polish are still unacceptable at school.

All students on Torrens Park Campus are reminded they must have a padlock on their locker.



A reminder that the same rules apply for boys hair and girls. Our preferred style for boys is above the collar neat and tidy with no steps, undercuts or number 1 cuts. Some boys like to have longer hair. If over the collar then they, like the girls, must wear their hair tied back. It is still to be neat and tidy. Boys are to be clean shaven each day for school.

Neither boys or girls are permitted to have multiple colours in their hair. Blended highlights are permissible but obvious bleaching and streaks of various hues are not permitted. Girls hair is to be tied back and be neat and tidy with no undercuts or steps.    At all times for boys and girls hair is to be worn off the face. The reason for our hair rules is straightforward it is about hygiene, safety and the reasonable expectation of the school that our students to take pride in their appearance. If you are unsure about uniform and appearance rules please refer to our policy here

If unsure please contact Dale Bennett or Kelly Sharp.


Torrens Park drop off and pick up areas

Parents are also reminded to please be patient and comply with the designated drop off and pick up areas in the Carruth Road car park of the Torrens Park Campus.  Please do not go beyond the bollards up the Rose Garden drive to the Chapel.

Mr Bennett
Deputy Principal, Head of TP Campus

That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!