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Results Day: Celebrating an Amazing Class of 2018


18 December 2018

Results Day: Celebrating an Amazing Class of 2018

Results Day: Celebrating an Amazing Class of 2018

Today we celebrate the success of our Year 12 students and their outstanding results. The Class of 2018 have continued the story of Scotch College Adelaide being amongst the leading schools of South Australia and Australia when it comes to academics and achievement.

DSC_0163-2-1280_0.jpgUndoubtedly this cohort will be acknowledged by their peers, teachers and the community as deserved scholars. None more so than the Dux of Sciences, Matthew Giddings, whose perfect score of 99.95 ranks him as one of the highest achieving students in Australia.

Matthew attained Merits in Research Project, Chemistry (2017), Physics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics and Biology (2018). An outstanding result by any measure. You can read more about Matthew's story here.

Alexandra Johnston who attained a 99.90 is our Dux of Humanities with Merits in Biology (2017) and Chemistry, Mathematical Methods, Physics and English Literary Studies (2018).

Benjamin Voyvodic also on 99.9 is our Dux of Combined Studies having achieved Merits in Research Project and Biology (2017) and Chemistry and Physics (2018).

Results at a glance for the 2018 cohort:

  • 46% over an ATAR of 90
  • 31.4% greater than 95
  • 6 students with a score over 99
  • 21 Merits across 17 subjects

College Principal, Dr Newton is delighted with the results.

“The diversity which has always been a strength of this cohort is reflected in the pathways these students have now qualified for. I congratulate my staff for the value they have added throughout these students’ schools lives, and the students for seizing the opportunities we have given them. We know that we are preparing young people to lead with confidence. They are now equipped to be learners for life, with the ethical framework, skills and wellbeing that will support them to take on the challenge of being effective professionals, loyal citizens and fulfilled human beings.”

Our graduating students are rightly proud of their achievements in the many facets of their schooling. It is evident that those who embrace the opportunities of a Scotch education have found that our emphasis on the whole person and the importance of relationships as the foundation of learning are evidenced with these remarkable results.

A full summary of the Class of 2018's results can be viewed and downloaded here (PDF).


Year 11

In addition to the fine achievements of the Class of 2018 students there are many other outstanding results for the Class of 2019 – our current Year 11 students.
In the subject Research Project, 55 of our students achieved in the A grade band.

52% of Year 11 students studying a Stage 2 subject (other than the Research Project) achieved in the A grade band. This bodes well for next year, which promises to be another quality performance.

In celebrating these achievements, in addition to the numerous opportunities for our students to grow into well-rounded citizens of the world through our extensive service and cocurricular programs, a Scotch education is once again realized as great value for life.

We will formally recognise the Merit students, Scotch90 Club and Duces at the Scotch Commencement Chapel Service to be held on Friday 1 February 2019.

We would like to acknowledge the wonderful community partnership we have with great teaching, the hard work of students and commitment of parents to support their sons and daughters to achieve a tremendous life outcome.

Wishing you and yours a peaceful, safe and fun festive season.

Teresa Hanel
Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning

Dale Bennett
Deputy Principal - Head of Torrens Park Campus

In the final edition for 2019, we hear from Dr Newton, each of our campuses, plus special photo galleries from the