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Salad in a Jar: Year 8 Live Well Program


13 June 2019

Salad in a Jar: Year 8 Live Well Program

Salad in a Jar: Year 8 Live Well Program

As part of the Year 8 Food Technology and Agriculture studies all students are engaged in the planting and harvesting of salad ingredients that are then used to create an individually designed, on trend Salad in a Jar. 

This task is just one of the Live Well initiatives that students undertake when studying the importance of 3 Live Well pillars during the year.

Reviewing the success of the student’s community garden and with additional ingredient options from the Food Technology garden; students develop a recipe including carbohydrates, healthy fats, fruit and vegetables, dairy, protein and grains to incorporate in their salad. Ingredient tasting, storage and preparation techniques are undertaken prior to final creation. 

This Salad in a Jar and its contents is then further reviewed during a Health and Physical Education session with the help of a registered dietician, Brie Salagaris – the dietician for the Adelaide Crows! Students analysed macronutrients from a salad or recipe of their choice and made conclusions as to whether this was appropriate for running the cross country. Brie then spoke to students about healthy eating for general lifestyle and development and gave students an insight into the requirements of an elite athlete.

Please see the student testimonies on the effectiveness of this integrated task below:

The final product of my Food Technology Live Well, Salad in a Jar was extremely pleasing. In the process of producing the final product, I had planned to create a jar that was packed with different textures, colour and especially flavour and that is what I believe I achieved. I made a lot of changes to my end product from my trial salad and swapped many ingredients from the trial with ingredients that added different components.

When I assembled my Salad in a Jar, I layered the different parts of the salad which ended up in it being very colourful and nice to look at. It was the same when eating it. I ate it in a bowl, tossed so that I could get a bit of everything with each mouthful. The best part of the salad was the pumpkin. It added the best texture, colour and flavour and was grown as part of my Yearr 8 Agriculture course – Live Well.

Amanda Johnson & Mark Goreham

Congratulations to Tom and Sol, who recently achieved second place in the Digital Technologies Hub Arcade Game co