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Scotch Stories: Harriet Whittle


7 August 2017

Scotch Stories: Harriet Whittle

Scotch Stories: Harriet Whittle

I started at Scotch in 2006, entering Year 4. Changing schools can be challenging, and this was a whole new world for me.

I had come from an all-girls school, and it was shocking and mind-opening to me to have male friends at school. I instantly recognised the respect between peers that the co-ed environment fostered, and the refreshing lack of demoralising competitiveness between my peers.  

In retrospect, my time at school passed in a flash - a whirlwind of new challenges and discoveries.

I will never forget the friendships forged at Goose Island and Leadership Camp, or bonding over simple meals cooked on trangias. Learning to play new instruments as a part of a band in Year 8 Music. The French Trip in Year 10, which ignited my love of travelling and appreciation of other cultures and global affairs. I fondly remember the constructive arguments ignited by

Mr Rodenburg’s metaphysical questions in Year 11 Philosophy, and learning to write critically about theatre in Year 12 Drama.

As an arts-orientated student, the wealth of experiences and oppurtunites at Scotch was immense. I was able to discover what I enjoyed, what I was a good at, and was allowed the space and encouragement to flourish in these areas.

I have always liked being busy, and Scotch provided an abundance of extra-curricular activities to fulfill my aspirations. Sport, music lessons, drama class, chess, Student Action Teams and Community Problem Solving were all activities that I was involved in at some point. I have been singing and playing the guitar from a young age. During my time at school I was shy about showing this to others, but that was never a barrier preventing me from pursuing my passions at Scotch. I didn’t have to be a born show-stopping star to be involved in music. This acceptance of all musical backgrounds allowed me to take singing, piano, guitar and clarinet lessons throughout my school years, and this culture of inclusion allowed me develop into the musician I am today. Some of the most important musical skills I have, I learnt at Scotch. It provided the foundations for me to go on and become an individual musician, and I am slowly coming out of my shell, performing in front others.

In Year 12 it was fantastic to see the level of maturity that had blossomed among my cohort. A new level of respect for one another had formed. Scotch created the environment of acceptance and diversity that everyone deserves while growing up. Since finishing school, I have enjoyed seeing my classmates take an array of different paths, change directions, discover their strengths and further grow into themselves. Many of our personal successes are a testament to the solid Scotch community and its holistic approach to learning.

While I always loved coming to school, I couldn’t wait to finish and be amongst the great big, outside world. Three years out, and I am realising now how much Scotch taught me about being an adult, and how the school gave me the skills to shape a future full of success - one that is happy, useful and kind.

My education has prepared me to navigate an ever-evolving world. Scotch gave me the confidence to stand up straight and pursue creative passions, to understand my place in the world and how I would like to contribute. At school I not only learnt to work hard, I learnt to appreciate the people around me and look after myself mentally and physically.

Since finishing, I have spent my time working, travelling through Europe, Asia and Africa, and writing music. I am studying English and Film at Flinders University, and I would like to go on to study publishing and editing, or something else in the creative world.

I often consider studying to become a teacher thanks to the terrific and valuable time I had while at Scotch.

Harriet Whittle (‘14)

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