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The Sculpture Unveiled


11 February 2019

The Sculpture Unveiled

The Sculpture Unveiled

Over 550 parents, staff and community members came out Friday night to celebrate the commencement of Scotch's Centenary and witness the unveiling of the commissioned sculpture. The statue was created to embody the essence of what Scotch is and where we have come from, while also remaining relevant into the next 100 years.

The unveiling of the sculpture was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, both from parents and community in the evening at the official unveiling and also the staff and students earlier in the day. The sculptor, Ken Martin, responded to the brief masterfully, creating a masterpiece we can all be proud of. Ken's previous works include statues which honour sporting legends Barrie Robran, Jason Gillespie and Darren Lehmann at Adelaide Oval, and the full-scale sculpture of Melbourne Cup winner Makybe Diva on the Port Lincoln foreshore.

Catering on the lawns was by Emma Reeves for those of you that asked. For details, email or follow @emmareevescatering.

The sculpture evokes dynamic movement, and lends itself to interpretation which reflects the very essence of a Scotch education that allows freedom of thought and encourages one to find their own answers and meaning in life. Through rendering of minimal form, the figures are open to interpretation and not confined to specific period or persona – thus embodying a timeless quality. The sphere is pivotal to the narrative of the composition, a fulcrum for history and future. An orb is an evocative object, bringing to mind the realms of Science, Art, Sport and a world to be discovered and contributed to. A globe free of cartographic references renders it open to pondering a world to be discovered and contributed to. The figures interacting with the orb evokes a sense of community within school and globally. Although the figures are largely androgynous there is nonetheless subtle reference to the participation and equality of male and female. The sphere also embraces a sense of cultural diversity. Importantly, the finish and texture invites touch.

I am sure everyone will have their own take on the statue. I am enjoying looking at if from many different aspects, noticing the way the light at different times casts shadows and new shapes, the form it takes with different parts of the school behind it, and as students interact with it. The lovely two colours of bronze and polished finished is particularly appealing to me.  I am sure Scotchies will develop their own views and perhaps traditions around this piece and with it so literally rooted to Scotch grounds yet dynamically leaping for great heights, what better analogy for that what it is to be  a Scotchie.

I look forward to enjoying the sculpture with you all throughout the Centenary year at all of the events and functions where we will celebrate our history and our future.

Natalie Felkl
Scotch 100 Committee & Sculpture Sub-Committee
Head of Community & Marketing

That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!