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Social Skills Development Opportunities


13 March 2020

Social Skills Development Opportunities

Social Skills Development Opportunities

Positive Minds Australia is a proudly South Australian company, created to build confidence, resilience, social emotional intelligence and wellbeing for young people, their families, schools and organisations. 

We provide services to develop the whole person in uniquely tailored ways that build from personal character strengths. We are a compassionate and inclusive service that meets each individual where they’re at and tailor a service to fit. 

With over twenty years experience in counselling, education and writing programs, Madhavi Nawana Parker and her team will work together with you to find the right solution for you and your family, school or organisation. 


Our services include: 

  • Child counselling (general and specific to family separation) with James Parker, Counsellor and Developmental Educator. James specialises in helping young people develop self awareness by identifying their strengths. From here they build confidence, social awareness, emotional intelligence and a healthy adjustment to change. 
  • Social emotional literacy groups for children and teenagers with Nikki Wadewitz, Primary School Teacher. Nikki offers a ‘Confident girls on the Autism Spectrum’ group and all of our other SEL programs (‘ The Confident Minds Curriculum,’ ‘The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox’ and What’s the Buzz? in schools. 
  • Counselling and behaviour consultations with Emma McKenzie, Primary School teacher and Counsellor. Emma offers one on one sessions for young children struggling with behaviour and emotions. Emma will start social emotional literacy groups including ‘The Confident Minds Curriculum, ‘The Resilience and Wellbeing Toolbox’ and ‘What’s the Buzz?’ From term 3 2020. 
  • Parent strategy development sessions with Madhavi Nawana Parker to develop and tailor a plan for your family to support your child’s social emotional development, resilience and behaviour. 
  • Public and Keynote Speaking with Madhavi Nawana Parker on topics including all of her published works as well as others, listed on our website. Madhavi is also happy to tailor topics to suit your organisation. Madhavi’s workshops and keynotes are suitable for corporates and schools wanting to build confident and resilient cultures, parent groups, community groups and more. 
  • Kung Fu with Nick Bennett. Our Kung Fu program is offered in small, supportive groups. We teach this gentle skill that builds social emotional literacy in a non competitive and gentle sports environment. Many of our students find relief in finding our program, where they feel accepted and included, without the pressure to compete and be someone they’re not. Kung Fu offers another way to build social emotional confidence. 
  • ‘Rising Stars,’ Drama group program (& one on one) for emotional intelligence with Katie O’Reilly, teacher and professional actor. Katie brings her creativity and compassionate nature to teaching social emotional confidence through the art of drama and creative play. Students love the opportunity to meet other young people who don’t necessary want to be on a stage, but feel safe getting out of their comfort zone in a small group where everyone grows at their own unique pace. A great way to build confidence and have fun along the way. 
  • Thought Boss yoga, mindfulness and positive mindset with Anita McCurdie, primary school teacher and yoga instructor. Young people learn essential skills to build awareness of their thoughts and learn to respond to these with gentle awareness and presence. Students are comforted to learn that others also experience the same worries and uncertainty and enjoy the safe and supportive environment.
  • Physical resilience through physiotherapy with Kym Siddons, Physiotherapist. Kym is passionate about teaching young people, teenagers and adults about confident and healthy posture, movement and endurance. Students love the opportunity to get moving and shaking without the pressure to compete with each other. Kym gently guides them to build strength and physical resilience in small, tailored groups. 
  • Confident girls on the Autism Spectrum 8 week small group programs. Our team work collaboratively to offer our broad range of skills across the program. Facilitated primarily by Nikki, other team members will also teach lessons to help the girls build their social emotional confidence. Students love meeting other girls on the spectrum without judgment. They embrace the opportunity to build their skills around other girls who know all too well how Autism can effect girls differently.
  • School holiday programs with the team. We love getting the team together to teach everything from Kung Fu, to drama, yoga, physical resilience and confident, resilient thinking. Students love these days where they get out of their comfort zone to meet other children and build new strengths and skills in the process. 
  • Anger and stress management workshops for parents with Madhavi Nawana Parker and our beautiful yogi Leah Braun. Madhavi teaches parents how to handle their own and their children’s feelings with confidence and resilience. If you’re looking for ways to feel calmer and happier in parenting, this one’s for you. 

Books by Madhavi Nawana Parker 

The Positive Minds Australia team are dedicated to mental health and wellbeing. We embrace neurodiversity and nothing makes us happier at work than watching our clients climb gently out of their comfort zone to learn new skills that make them feel happier, more confident and resilient. 

We work hard and care hard. We tailor our sessions and do everything we can to support you, your family and organisation to navigate a more confident experience of life.

We practice in Parkside, Eastwood, Unley and Glenunga with new locations being planned soon. We also visit schools and regional SA by appointment. Madhavi speaks across Australia and overseas by application. 

Jump on our waiting list by emailing or by filling out a form for the specific program you’re interested in at


Madhavi Nawana Parker
Positive Minds Australia