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STEMNation Success


1 November 2018

STEMNation Success

STEMNation Success


We had great success at the state finals for the STEMNation competitions with our STEM teams.

Our Junior Vehicle team: Andreas Sitzler, Keagan Wallace, Ally Dedman, Louis Glen, Will Carroll, William Lawes, Hamish Young, Hugo Wynter, Izac Nilsen and Oliver Handsaker.

Placed 1st with their Scalextric cars in the challenge 10-lap relay race and the team won a prize of a Bathurst Scalextric kit.

Our Boat Wetland Environment Management Team placed 2nd, narrowly defeated by 1 point. The judges commented on our team’s strong interview performance at the Expo day, where the students answered the judges questions well and they confidently shared the challenges and successes of their boat and wetland project.

Our Boat team: Aneesa Shaki, Zac Nairn, Peter Atsikbasis and Tyler Evans, supported by Charlie Lord.

Our Drone team also placed 2nd by 1 point. This team were congratulated on their great performance in the flying challenge at SA Power networks, where they flew the drone over the power poles with great precision and accuracy, and that their plotted the GPS and video data from their drone flight very well.

Our drone team: Jack Grundy, Gideon Zeng, Andreas Sitzler and Keagan Wallace.

All teams submitted engineering reports about their journey through the year, their budgets and the engineering process they completed of design, test and re-build. The students were interviewed by a panel of judges in teams and they ran a display at the Expo today where they spoke to people about their part in the projects.

Quotes from students:

“we really enjoyed solving the real problems in our boat challenge, learning about circuits and sensors, designing and testing”

“I liked the teamwork of STEM this year, working together in the workshops and competing in the finals”

“it was cool to build our own cars and learn how to fix them when they broke”

“meeting the engineers at the challenges was really interesting and they were happy to talk and share ideas with us”

Michelle McGrath
Head of Science

Congratulations to Daniel O’Connor, Ella O’Connor, Aneesa Shaki, Thangam Verghese, Winter Birkett and Keagan Wallac……