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09:15AM 11 February
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Michael Carr-Gregg Parent Seminar
07:00PM 15 February
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09:15AM 20 February
Week 4
Junior School Tour (T1W4 2020)
09:00AM 27 February
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09:15AM 04 March
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09:15AM 11 March
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Junior School Tour (T1W7 2020)
11:30AM 15 March
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In The Swim


2 March 2018

In The Swim

In The Swim

So much has happened since our last newsletter and I feel immense pride in all that we are achieving. Our students are engaged and contributing to their own and other stories to make for a great learning journey.

The campus swim carnival was a welcome opportunity to come together and enjoy the day. There were several records broken and we had the opportunity to witness Tess Bastian claim several of these in her final year. Thanks Tess for setting the standard during your time at Scotch and we have been privileged to see how it’s done at an elite level! Thanks also to the increasing number of parents who were able to come along and support. We have since had a review meeting and next year we will create a more extensive program for participation. A brief summary of records and age/year level champions are part of this publication.

We are cracking along and nearly half way through the term with many great programs underway. A quick snapshot of activities this week:

  • Year 7 were putting up tents on the Gratton Lawn in preparation for their first camp experience down the South East.
  • Year 8 students (and staff) participated in the drone flying program.
  • Year 9 have been developing business ideas for entrepreneurship in 9@Scotch.
  • Year 10 have undertaken the Morrisby Profile assessment as part of their Personal Learning Program in preparation to start the formal conversation around future pathways.
  • Year 11 and 12 have been focussed on assessment and there is some conversation around the Blue and Gold Masquerade formal to be held on the last night of term.

In addition, all students have been doing the PIVOT feedback survey for staff.

Ms Hanel provides important insights into what some of these experiences mean for the shaping of student learning in this eNews in Academic updates.

Round 1 of SEQTA updates were done last week. I encourage you to check in on your child’s learning and start the conversation with staff if there are any concerns or observations you would like clarified. The musical “Legally Blonde”, music ensembles on Tuesday afternoons, Caledonian, enhancement programs and sports are all underway and we still start showcasing the outcomes of these programs over the coming weeks.

This week I have had the pleasure of checking in with all our new students in the Senior School and the feedback is very encouraging. The brief precis is they rate the school 8 ½ to 9 out of 10 for satisfaction, everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and the teachers are different because they understand what I need.  Heartening conversations indeed. 

Today we hosted the local candidates for the Waite electorate and they presented their response to issues which shape our future including health, education, expenditure, strategic directions and the economy. Lalla Nugent, Onor Nottle and Riki Theodorakakos did a fantastic job in hosting this event and the students from Senior School and Year 6 were impressive with their level of interest and interrogation. They understand that the future they will lead is being created by the decisions of today.

This coming week we will have around 250 additional students from across Adelaide when we host the “World Scholar’s Cup” regional round. We look forward to the opportunity to show great hospitality and we wish our teams every success. 

There are many great community events coming up and I look forward to seeing you at them.

Have a great weekend.


That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!