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That's (almost) a wrap


3 December 2020

That's (almost) a wrap

That's (almost) a wrap

Term 4, much like the rest of the year has not been without its challenges.

As we become more adept at changing our approaches about how we do present our offering, I believe we can all put our hands on our hearts and swear we have given it a red hot go at making it a success for our students, staff and families. I’m not saying we got it right all the time and I have no desire to be living in a fool’s paradise, but I do believe we have been grounded and reasonable in our approach enabling us to end the year confidently.

The last four weeks on Torrens Park Campus have been about finishing well and planning for 2021. Many of our students have learnt a lot about life in the world of film as they were recorded for A Taste of Christmas, the Middle School End of Year Ceremony and Speech Day. They now know if want to engage on screen you just can’t pretend there is an audience, you actually have to play to the camera - a worthwhile communication skill set to be developing for the future! I sincerely hope you will take the opportunity to check out the end of year celebrations online when they are released next Tuesday.

There is some amazing content in the speeches and multimedia presentations and the performances are fantastic. The beauty of this format is that the presentations are there for some time and not just a fleeting moment. I appreciate that Covid has taken away the opportunity to have community together for these events, but it has also created an opportunity to rethink how we connect as a College, showing the brilliant journey of a Scotch education. 

We have been reflecting often on this year and the implications for the future. The power of critical and creative thinking has been greatly valued in recent weeks and I have appreciated the feedback and input of parents and students in the conversation. Feedback is all, so please keep offering suggestions and having the conversations as it all adds to our continued growth.


Year 7 Transition Day

On Tuesday we welcomed our Year 7 2021 students onto campus. A brilliant day was had by all. Blainson reflected that, “On Orientation Day I really liked seeing my friends and also making new friends. It was fun visiting the canteen and buying my lunch. Mrs Beanland organised fun activities and games so that we could get to know each other. The day really helped me to feel more comfortable about starting Middle School next year. I am really looking forward to it!”

Evie said, “The Head of House and Middle School House Captains make you feel really comfortable, welcome and connected in your House Group. I am really looking forward to all the house events. Our Home Group teacher Mr Sluggett explained what would be happening throughout the year and that was really helpful. The Lightning Carnival was a lot of fun because we got to meet students from the current Year 7 cohort.”

It is a pleasure to welcome Mathew Disher to the Head of Middle School role and he put together a great welcome for the Year 7 parents who were unable to be onsite. I know all our MS parents are excited to get to know Mathew. Click here to hear his welcome to our new families.


Year 10 Activities

On Wednesday our Year 10 students had a great half day at Glenelg doing community service by cleaning up the foreshore and surrounds. It was great to have them together, enjoying catching up. This was a postponed activity - day one of two that we have organised during their online Integrated Learning Program. The students also enjoyed the activities park and playing beach volleyball, cricket and beach combing. It has been great to get the Year 10 Goose camp back up and running after the lockdown hiatus. Kudos to the team led by Rob Stillwell to make this program happen. Our staff have been hugely supportive, and the weather has largely been kind. Unfortunately, it seems like the last program may suffer the wrath of high winds – fingers crossed that the forecast is wrong. Two programs that were cut short compared to others have been given additional OE kayaking and snorkelling programs at Noarlunga.  


Cricket Success

The highlight of the week has been the winning of the Messenger Bowl T20 Over Cricket competition. The Advertiser have given great coverage of the competition. Congratulations to all the boys involved.


Student Leadership

Our College and Campus student leader leaders attended a 3 hour leadership workshop on Thursday presented by Dan Jackson. Dan is a former Richmond player who now works for the Crows as their Leadership Development Manager and runs Foundation Performance. The program looked at exploring leadership, actions that count and the responsibility for culture. Dan was also here last week working with our Year 9 students on their Finding Purpose program. Year 9 also had their first Bonding with Bennett session this week and I am looking forward to getting to know this cohort. They were somewhat relieved to hear the mantra that they are, “more than their ATAR score”. A Scotch education to my mind needs to develop students who have developed intrinsic motivation to succeed, are effective life learners and have skills that are not purely measured by academic grades. The transition through senior school moves student understanding about who they are to how they may positively impact the life of others. 


Rosevear Update

Our Rosevear boarding family have really felt the impact of Covid. I am so proud of how the students, staff and families have rallied around each other to make this year work. It has been a hugely successful year with the boarding curriculum around wellbeing, the development of soft skills and the recreation programs continuing throughout the year. I always view our boarding program as a litmus test for how we are travelling as a campus and I am pleased to report that the culture and engagement is strong. So much so that next year girls boarding is again full, and we have limited spaces for boys. Congratulations to our leaders of boarding David Scholz, Susie Grabham, Kara Cleary, Paige Day and Sam Prior on a great year. Of course, the support of Meredith Ridgway, Jackie Newbegin, Gabby Reeves, Paul Wharram and the catering team cannot be underestimated – they have all gone above and beyond all year for which we are most appreciative. 


Not the Blue & Gold

The highlight of my term so far was the amazing Not the Blue and Gold Year 12 Leavers Dinner. The situation was that the state would likely go into lockdown – there were plenty of rumours and the formal had been cancelled earlier in the year. We knew that our Year 12s were thinking, here we go again and that they would likely miss out on the formal, schoolies and the end of year functions. 

So, what were we to do? We did what I believe Scotch does best. We rolled up our sleeves and got on with Plan B – hosting a fabulous dinner at the College while the SA Health guidelines allowed such a function to go ahead. The decision was made Tuesday morning to host the event on the Wednesday evening. Natalie Felkl, Amanda Johnson, Cathy Deans and the formal committee of Jessie Giaretto, Emma Cooper Baldock and Jorjah Crouch then created Scotch magic. We had 42 Scotch staff, 3 parents and the team from Mosaic (gee if you ever need a sound and light solution ask these guys!) pull together an amazing evening. The McBean Centre was transformed into an elegant ballroom. The 3-course meal was divine (catered for in-house), the music, speeches, awards and the big surprise of a kabuki drop for SODA (a largely OC rock band) who played a set of their original music capped off what was an amazing night. The Year 12s loved it.

We were sorry to not have been able to host Year 11s at the event, but I understand many of them did not waste the opportunity to dress up and enjoy a nice meal with friends and family. This was a significant undertaking by the College, proving to me yet again that we are made of grit, determination and passion to ensure our students and their wellbeing are always our focus. We look forward to the Film Festival tonight and the Principal’s Graduation Dinner Tuesday night which will be a fantastic opportunity to end the year well for the Class of 2020.


Merry Christmas!

Finally, a huge thank you for the support we have received from our families this year. It truly has been a team effort. We have deepened the bonds of community through trust, support and friendships. The village of Scotch has worked hard this year, dealt with adversity and I believe we have come out on top knowing that the power to make a difference works in many ways for this wonderful campus community.  I look forward to seeing you all next year.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas. I am sure there are many plans to welcome in 2021… I, like you, am looking forward to that opportunity to recharge, refresh and recalibrate in readiness for a brilliant year to come.