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The time is here, the time is now


17 October 2019

The time is here, the time is now

The time is here, the time is now

This week on Torrens Park Campus we have settled into a smooth start to Term 4. I thought it timely to give a brief overview of each year levels focus for the term as we prepare for final assessments. 

Our Year 12 students are abuzz with mixed emotions as their time at Scotch draws to an end. The Class of 2019 have characterised themselves as hard working, energetic and highly capable young people. Their leadership of the College has set an excellent tone for the younger years to emulate into the future. We feel confident that they will continue our excellent academic record in the upcoming examination period and subsequent results. 

But it is their spirit of collegiality and ‘can do’ attitude which we will celebrate next week at their farewell assembly. I am anticipating around 900 invited guests to attend this event. After the assembly we will stop the normal program for the afternoon and host a student House farewell event - this in lieu of the House dinners and an opportunity for all students to come together to say goodbye. 

Year 11 assume the leadership mantle and we will be working with them over the coming weeks to foster opportunities to make their mark. Each leadership class brings a different flavour to our culture and I am excited by the gifts that the Class of 2020 bring to the table. 

Year 10 have 4 weeks of classes, 1 week of exams and three weeks of the learning for life program. This involves Service Placement, Work Experience and of course the rite of passage of ‘Goose’. 

Year 9 commence their transition into Senior School with the ‘Find your purpose’ program. A series of worships, seminars and experiences in the 9@Scotch program and House time. We have some great opportunities for students to really define what it is they wish to strengthen and leave behind as they continue their journey from adolescence to adulthood. We have one 9@Scotch residential and Outdoor Education program to go this term. 

Year 8 have been doing a series of culture pieces around relationships over the last term which will be wrapped up this term. The ability to show empathy and effectively collaborate is the key to a cohort that is connected and engaged in a positive way. Along with these initiatives we are now looking for our 2020 Leadership Team. Students have been sent the information and given the encouragement to apply for either a Middle School House Captaincy role or a Student Action Team Leader role and we look forward to seeing the calibre of students who apply.

Year 7 have commenced the transition process into Year 8, including the changes this brings with mentor structure and relationship with the other cohorts in the school. An element of this transition has looked at the internal and external perceptions of their culture as a collective, and their capacity to create and maintain the culture that they desire.  

I often marvel at what an enriching and engaging learning program we have. Our deliberate focus on great people, great relationships and great opportunities begets great learning both academic and for life. It’s simple as an equation but requires resource and great people to make it happen. 

The time is here and now to create the magic of Scotch for the final term. You are warmly encouraged to be a part of the program when opportunity presents. Georgia and I are looking forward to seeing you at various events over the term. I hope many of you were able to attend the Sounds of Scotch Choral evening on Thursday night. Another amazing celebration for our Music students. 

Summer sport is underway this week. Looking forward to seeing the blue and gold making their presence felt across Adelaide.

As always, have a great weekend. 


This afternoon, a Scotch College bus was involved in an accident while transporting students at the Rowing Camp hel