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A Touch of Scotch Magic


3 September 2021

A Touch of Scotch Magic

A Touch of Scotch Magic

Over the last two weeks through our social media channels, we have been able to feature the amazing achievements of our students in the world of STEM.

The recent Scotch Reports also reflected the growing depth and opportunity in this dynamic area of school life. Winter sports end of season celebrations are in full swing, and we have had the opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of our students. Head of Sporting programs, Jarrad Schar, has provided a short summary in this enews celebrating what has been one of our most successful years across all winter sports in recent years.

Last week the Year 11 students had a fantastic 4-day IMPACT program. The aims of this program are to bring the year group together as they set up for Year 12 and taking on their responsibility of being the leadership Class of 2022.  The students had experiences ranging from our keynote speaker Maria Palumbo CEO of Junction Australia (Junction is a leading provider of a wide range of community support services and quality housing). Students were engaged in House team building activities that involved risk taking, trust and challenge led by the OE department. They spent two nights at Victor Harbor in the beautiful surrounds of Adare House. The talent show was a great success BUT what goes on camp stays on camp regarding the quality of performance (especially the staff item with their cover of the Back Street Boys – woeful!).

There were numerous opportunities for students to come together and be open and vulnerable with each as it is important that they learn to have each other’s back as they head into Year 12. Led by our staff team of David Scholz, Andrew Mittiga and our Heads of House they did a lot of work on the values of Courage, Respect and Support. Their newfound call to action to "Be the Lion” was inspiring as they discussed how to enable and live these values in their year level and across the College. I will be working with amazing young people next year and I feel confident that Scotch will continue to grow because of their leadership.

A huge thanks to our Parents and Friends for the BBQ lunch today (and special treat) which alongside the annual tug-o-war comp won by Cameron (MS) and Douglas (SS) was a highlight of Founders Day celebrations. The assembly was shaped by the theme of Old Worlds, New Worlds, Future Worlds. Dr Newton spoke on the principles that shape our identity and actions. He explored the impact and symbolism of the recent events in Afghanistan. He also left us all with a significant challenge that has now been placed in the hands of future generations and our collective global responsibility for educating those who cannot access education. Old Collegian Sasha Baranikov (‘02) was our keynote speaker and took us on a journey into space and the amazing work going on in SA to engage with the mind blowing opportunities for careers and the ideas that will shape of our future lives.

The College Captains joined with me in a short history lesson about key moments of events and people over the decades which have shaped the Scotch story.

It is a great day to reflect on our DNA, and key contributions by former Principals:

  • Our first headmaster Norman Gratton and the resilience that he developed in our school community
  • the importance of Service woven into our community by the second headmaster Patrick Disney
  • the strengthening of the culture of community, Christian values and academics of headmaster Charles Fisher
  • the seeds of inclusive culture with the introduction of coeducation by headmaster Phillip Roff (now in our 50th year!)
  • the bonds of connection and importance of stability by the first Principal Ken Webb
  • Tim Oughton’s introduction of a formal indigenous education program through our partnership with Yalari 

Each Principal has left their mark, and each has acted driven by principles which underpin the Scotch magic. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and we must continue to create a learning program which enables each student to, “live fully, love wastefully and learn to be all you can possibly be.” (excerpt of the College Blessing).

Wishing you all a restful weekend and for those travelling – stay safe.