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9 August 2019



Over the course of a year we witness the physical, emotional and psychological development of our children. At home it is a daily transition that seemingly goes unnoticed until a past picture is dragged up or a significant event occurs, and the change is illuminated. The hallmarks of change are sometimes overlooked in the busyness of life, but they remain important to celebrate as the journey itself needs to be valued for what it is not just the destination! 

Over the last three weeks I have found great pleasure in the production of Les Miserables. Each year I witness the audition process, drop in for the occasional rehearsal and then I try to get around the production weeks as much as I can. The transformation at each stage is phenomenal. What an amazing group of people came together to create this special magic. Scotch is no doubt the preeminent school for musical theatre in South Australia. On Opening and Closing nights I marvelled at the talent and had to remind myself on several occasions that the people performing were students not professionals – amazing! Their change continued into this week as they had to come down from a huge high and settle back into routines and study all the richer for have this experience. The personal growth and confidence are palpable!

At our opening assembly the theme was “success” and we celebrated the success of many individuals in a range of endeavours.  Lalla and Sam, our College Captains, positioned us to continue the journey of personal growth for this semester.

At Scotch we must recognise that every step we take IS comprised of hard work, the result of hours, weeks, months or years of dedication. There may be luck involved, but there is no way luck can account for it all. The difference between good and great is not what you’re given but what you do with it. 

David Bowie felt inadequate, Serena Williams felt she lived in the shadow of her older sister, the Starbucks CEO, Howard Shultz, said he felt unqualified. Maya Angelou thought even at her 11thbook that people would find out her game. Emma Watson said she feels like an imposter whenever she receives recognition for her acting. All these incredible people feel as if they aren’t actually good enough for what they accomplish. 

Every person who shook Dr Newton’s hand today, took part in the activities I mentioned or has achieved a personal goal - worked hard at their talent and applied themselves. All I want to say is - You deserve your own success; this is not to be questioned or measured against the idea of someone else’s. 

If you are going to question something – don’t question yourself. Instead question your knowledge, your ideas, your perspective, the way you see the world – but not who you are. 

We are about to witness another significant transformation in the House music process. Over four weeks our students move from something akin a herd of sheep to performance day where we witness 120 students giving their all and being elated with putting themselves out there as part of their big team! We know growth is sometimes about being part of something and not just a personal experience. 

As the term unfolds there will be many transformative moments which students will participate in or bear witness to. We will take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the outcomes of many achievements, but we know it will be the journey that gets those students and their teachers to that point which will reflect persistence, risk taking and effort to make the change.

A big thank you to the 140 staff and students who braved the weather this morning to do the Hutt St Walk a Mile in my Boots.  The importance of empathy and reflecting on the experience of others by a symbolic action such as this helps develop our understanding of each other and our responsibility to stand up for those who may not have a voice in our community. Thanks to Chloe Morris and Ben Craven for their work in making this happen.

Looking forward to the final weeks of the winter sports season and seeing our students give their all as we enter finals and Intercol matches. I thoroughly enjoyed an impressive win by the Open Senior Girls Hockey over Pembroke last Saturday. It was great to get the shield, but I was more in awe of young people who whack a ball with a stick - ideally not at each other. Such skill, teamwork and fitness were great to witness. Well done girls!

See you on the journey of Term 3.


Congratulations to Tom and Sol, who recently achieved second place in the Digital Technologies Hub Arcade Game co