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Trumbles turn up trumps


29 January 2019

Trumbles turn up trumps

Trumbles turn up trumps

Peter Trumble was one of the first “Legends” of Scotch College and it is hardly surprising given his links to the Torrens Park school that span more than 80 years.

The 91-year-old from Westbourne Park will this week accompany his eldest great grandchild, Alex, 5, through the stone gates on Carruth Rd. He says it will bring back memories of his first day at the school, in 1937.

“I felt overwhelmed when I first came here but I’ve always been a bit of an adaptor and found my feet quickly,” the former agricultural scientist says. Mr Trumble says the school was good in his day but has “improved enormously” with the most significant change being the move to coeducation in 1972. “We didn’t know what girls were in my day and I was terrified of them,” he says.

“I didn’t have a sister and I think it (co-ed) would have brought the whole school experience into line with the real world.” With a history from the Scottish borders and Northern Ireland, Mr Trumble’s ancestors first arrived in Australia, escaping the Irish famine and chasing riches in the Victorian gold rush, in the 1850s.

The name Trumble is a corruption of the name ‘Turnbull’ from the Scottish clans.

Mr Trumble’s three sons and three of six grandchildren, including a granddaughter, all went to Scotch that has awarded ‘Legend’ status to only 18 of its past students and volunteers. To be eligible for nomination, a nominee must have rendered “continuous, extensive, voluntary and exceptional service” to the college and must be, and remain of “good repute.”

The Legend title sits a little uncomfortably with Mr Trumble. “I’m proud to have the title but my reward is the satisfaction of being associated with Scotch,” he says. “This is a high-quality school that has moved with the times and developed programs relevant to today’s world.

Mr Trumble is confident the family tradition of school at Scotch will continue.


-- Original story by Craig Cook appeared in Hills Valley Weekly, 30 January 2019. Photo: AAP/Roy Vandervegt


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