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We Love Our Boarders


22 May 2020

We Love Our Boarders

We Love Our Boarders

Today our boarders hosted two assemblies (Middle and Senior School) to celebrate National Boarders Week. 

The boarding captains Lachlan Hurst and Amelia Williams put together an action-packed set of videos and performances to reflect the unusual 2020 boarding experience and the many personalities that make Rosevear their home away from home. 

It has been challenging for our boarding students to live under one set of rules for the day school only at 3.35pm to return to boarding and live under a totally different set of rules around physical distancing, use of spaces and routines. The rules governing boarding at the moment are rigorous and ensure the safety of our students and staff in this close-knit community. 

IMG-5379.JPGFor the first six weeks of this term, leave is restricted to the local area and at mealtimes we use 3 rooms in Torrens Park House.  We even have nine Year 10 Girl boarders staying at Brown Hill Creek Caravan Park so we meet requirements for rooming.  This is so different to the usual routine and environment and our day students likely have it much easier. 

Few people know that late last term and early this term we used two wings and one residence in boarding for isolation of our students. Staff generously supervised and the students were great at sticking to the rules -  we had Police visit on three occasions to check they were doing the right thing (which of course they were)!

Staff members Jackie Newbegin and Meredith Ridgway generously hosted students, ensuring we could get our boarders back on campus and part of our great community. We are working really hard to ensure our students are given the best opportunity to succeed in their learning during these difficult times. 

Our boarders have shown Incredible resilience, adaptability and understanding through everything. No doubt they will continue to do so over the coming months if circumstances change. They are amazing young people and they have learned amazing life lessons. Some of our international students have not been home since late January and my heart feels for them and their families; it is obvious that their next holiday break will also be in Australia. There are so many stories that have come out of Covid from despair to great hope. Our boarding and day school families have supported each other, and the village has shown us once again that together we raise the child.

IMG-5384.JPGThe boarding leadership of Kara Cleary, David Scholz, Susie Grabham, Sam Prior, Jackie and Meredith during this time has been incredible. Our boarding program is rated as one of the best in Australia because of our students, their families and our staff. The link between the boarding and say school is seamless and Rosevear is a significant part of our campus life.

Next week families will receive updates regarding the scheduling of events and activities for the remainder of the year. It is time to start planning ahead and we have been busy this last week looking at each program on offer and I am sure you will be heartened by the opportunities on offer and the development of new ideas which will help our students to continue to thrive. 

Today, Year 12s had a PJ Rave to celebrate being halfway there, and to break the stress of the assessment workload, which has been pretty constant over the last two weeks. Thanks to Zac Horbelt and Millie Brake (our Vice Captains) for organising the rave.  Year 11s are enjoying their common room in the former EFM gym – it’s keeping them warm as Winter edges closer. Year 10 are Bonding with Bennett over these three weeks to work on the stuff that matters and ensure thy are getting the most out of the opportunities on offer.  Middle School have been making the most of warm days this week – I’ve had to increase the oval supervision roster. Here’s hoping the outdoors life continues for as long as possible – no phones in sight and lots of fun being had! 

The Winter uniform looks great, especially the new pants for girls. The Uniform Committee meeting this week will be working on the introduction of the boys’ kilt. Campus life is thriving and we look forward to continuing to enjoy the ramping up of our programs.

Keep safe and keep warm and dry!


100 Days of Year 2!