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Welcome Back to Scotch for 2021


27 January 2021

Welcome Back to Scotch for 2021

Welcome Back to Scotch for 2021

Welcome to the academic year 2021.

Many have observed how difficult 2020 has been for families, for society as a whole, and for schools. The response from our staff, the support from our community, and the quality of leadership we have enjoyed from the Council and the Senior Leadership Team have all meant that we have weathered a very difficult period and now look forward to the fresh challenges of the new year. Like you, we are equally aware that many of the 2020 challenges are not yet behind us, but we approach the new year with fresh vigour and determination.

The start of the academic year this year is particularly challenging for our school due to events that took place a year ago to precious and important members of our community. Please be assured that the College has formed, and has already carried out, a set of actions to support critical members of our community so that we are supporting their wellbeing and helping our organisation make a strong start to a new year.  

We begin 2021 with a slightly stronger roll than last year. In the final months of 2020, the College had to suspend enrolment in a number of areas due to the weight of applications from prospective parents. Prep, Year 3, Year 5 and Year 10 were categorised as full some time ago. We made these decisions, so we preserve the special culture that Scotch is renowned for, and ensure we offer the same quality of service to our students.  

Over the vacation, work on the Wellbeing and Sports Centre began. The McBean Centre is due for demolition and we have already seen the breakup of ground on the old tennis courts. The new courts by the Middle School look wonderful and will be a superb arena for Netball and Tennis in the coming year.  

In other developments, we have invested heavily in the refurbishment of Torrens Park House. It is an expensive building to renovate due to its heritage status. We have painted and re-floored, added fire separation and other safety compliance measures.

On the Mitcham Campus, we have refurbished and re-roofed Classroom Block 2. That is part of a series of investments in our teaching facilities in the Junior School and we plan further developments down the line. We have added a Dance Studio for our Junior School students in order to bolster what is already a magnificent dance program in the whole school. 

In the ELC we have undertaken some heritage conservation work, done some repointing and damp proofing in order to ensure the building remains high quality. Smaller works have included upgrading the Blinman Residence in the boarding house, resurfacing wet areas in the Gratton Changing Rooms to accompany the painting that was completed during the Term 3 break. We have also installed new gas taps and safety showers in the Trumble Science Lab.  

While all this has been done, our magnificent Grounds team have kept our estate looking pristine and beautiful. Lots of sport is due to take place over the coming term and has in fact taken place over the holidays. I congratulate our Grounds team for their dedication over the Christmas period. 

A whole set of great events have taken place in the vacation and I trust those students who have been involved have had good value from all the things they have done. We look forward now to 2021 with best wishes to you and your families as we embark on this new year.

Dr John H Newton



Scotch Presents: Professor Ross Garnaut


Staff, parents, students and members of the public are warmly invited to join us in February for a very special Scotch Presents event with renowned economist and climate change expert, Professor Ross Garnaut entitled RESET: How Dealing with the Climate and Energy Transition Helps After the Pandemic Recession.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the world to enter its deepest recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. In this discussion, discussions will include the pandemic and its economic impact, the challenges that Australia, developed democracies and the international community carried into the pandemic, and alternative paths forward for Australia in the challenging post-pandemic world including how commitment to accelerated transition to a zero emissions economy can support the restoration of Australian prosperity.

Register Online (FREE)

Ross Gregory Garnaut AC is an Australian economist, currently serving as a vice-chancellor's fellow and professorial fellow of economics at the University of Melbourne. In 2007 the state and territory governments of Australia, at the request of Kevin Rudd, then leader of the Australian Labor Party, appointed Garnaut to examine the impacts of climate change on the Australian economy and recommend medium to long-term policies and policy frameworks to improve the prospects for sustainable prosperity. His new book is RESET: Restoring Australia After the Pandemic Recession will be available late February. Some order forms will be available for those wishing to purchase a copy, or buy online at Booktopia.


Covid-19 Update

While we look forward very much to a new year, the challenges of 2020 continue.  We have updated and refreshed our advice to staff based on information from our Association on the appropriate measures to take due to the continuing threat of the Corona Virus.  From a parent point of view please note that it is important that students are kept home if they are unwell.  Please do use the QR codes around the College for contact tracing purposes should you come on the campus for any event.  Otherwise, you are most welcome to attend all the things that we do, whilst observing appropriate social distancing.  That should apply also to school drop off and pick up.    


Mobile Phone Usage on Torrens Park

We continue to enforce our mobile phone usage restrictions on Torrens Park.  In summary, no Non-Mandated Personal Device (i.e., mobile phones and wearable technologies) usage will not be permitted on the Torrens Park Campus (TPC) during lessons, recess, lunch and Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) time.  This is already the case in the Junior School. Students can only use such devices for strictly limited purposes, such as educational activities and purchasing food in the Canteen.


Welcome Back Morning Tea: Thursday 28 January

There will be a Parents Welcome morning coffee hosted by the Parents and Friends on both campuses to celebrate the new school year!

  • Torrens Park Campus parents are invited are invited at 8.30am for a morning tea in the Webb Science Quad.
  • Mitcham Campus parents are invited at 8.30am for a morning tea on Kallawar lawns.  


Fruit Fly Outbreak Advice

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) has recently advised that much of metropolitan Adelaide and some areas of the Riverland are in fruit fly outbreak or suspension areas. Fruit and fruiting vegetables that can be infected by fruit fly must not be packed into lunch boxes or otherwise moved around while restrictions are in place. You must keep your fresh home-grown fruit or fruiting vegetables on your property. You can eat, cook or preserve your own home-grown produce. These restrictions will remain until at least Thursday 15 April 2021. More information is available here.


9@Scotch Parent Evening

Parents of Year 9 students are invited to join us for a fun and powerful activity that will have a genuine impact on the relationship with your child. After a community BBQ commencing at 6:00pm, you will share stories from your youth, honour your child for their unique skills and talents and plan a shared vision for the future (session begins 6:30pm). This is a unique opportunity for parents to gain insight into the hopes, desires, and issues currently faced by their teens. At the same time, teens will gain awareness of the hopes and concerns of their parents. Learn more and register online: 9@Scotch Parent Evening


New Staff

I am delighted to welcome the following new staff to our College:

  • Hannah Austin comes to us from Pulteney Grammar School.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a Master of Teaching and will be teaching within the Humanities Faculty.
  • Tali Benjamin is a highly experienced Art & Design Teacher and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and a Postgraduate Diploma of Education.  She joins the Technologies and Visual Arts Faculty and comes to us from Adelaide Botanic High having previously taught at Heathfield High and Wilderness School.
  • Angus Cadman joins Scotch as a teacher in the English Faculty.  He holds a Master of Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) majoring in English Literature and Philosophy.
  • Jake Campbell joins us as a Science and Mathematics Teacher.  He holds a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Health Science.  He has worked most recently at Unley High.
  • Bradley Christie joins the Grounds team with a Certificate III in Horticulture.  He has been a Greenkeeper at Regency Golf Course, Cricket Curator at Adelaide Oval and most recently Greenkeeper at Kooyonga Golf Club.
  • Sam Clappis joins the Mitcham Campus staff as a Homegroup Teacher in Reception.  She holds a Bachelor of Education (Junior Primary and Primary) and comes to us from Rose Park Primary.
  • Caleb Hearn has joined the College as an Apprentice (Horticulture) with our Grounds team.  Caleb has experience as a Curator with SACA and holds a Certificate II in Horticulture. 
  • Elizabeth Henningsen holds a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry and Pharmacology) and recently completed a Master of Teaching.  Prior to her postgraduate studies, she worked in corporate finance at Macquarie Bank.
  • Jane Hopper is a highly experienced Primary Teacher with exposure to diverse teaching environments in the United Kingdom and South Australia.  Jane will be a Year 6 Homegroup Teacher and holds a Bachelor of Education (Honours).  She has worked most recently at Seymour, Rose Park Primary and Norwood Primary.
  • Eliza Howland joins the Mitcham Campus as a Year 6 Homegroup Teacher.  She holds a Bachelor of Primary Education and comes to us from Saint Ignatius College.
  • Jessica Di Iorio has a background in Medical Science and holds a Master of Teaching (Secondary) and a Bachelor of Medical Science.  She joins the Science Faculty.
  • Sophie McAdam joins the Philanthropy team in the role of Philanthropy Services Officer.  Sophie is an experienced Community Relations and Functions Co-ordinator and joins us from Walford.
  • Louise McKenna joins the Mitcham Campus as a French Teacher.  She comes to us from Saint Ignatius and the Adelaide School of Languages and holds a Graduate Diploma in Education, a Diploma of Nursing and a Bachelor of Arts (English and French).
  • Emily Murgatroyd is a teacher is Art, Design and Film within the Technologies and Visual Arts team.  Emily has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Master of Teaching and joins us from Morialta High.
  • Jay O’Connell worked in 2019 at St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School in the UK and 2020 at Murray Bridge High.  Jay will be working with the Design & Technology team.  He holds a Bachelor of Design in Product Innovation and a Master of Teaching.  
  • Catherine Royans joins us as the Learning Strategies Co-ordinator for Term 1.  Catherine is a Lecturer at the University of Adelaide.  She is a highly experienced STEM teacher and Science Communicator.  She holds a Graduate Diploma in Education, a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Evolutionary Genetics, and a Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Zoology.
  • Patricia Wise joins us as an Art Teacher on Mitcham Campus.  Trish holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts & Applied Design, a Certificate IV in Jewellery, and a Master of Teaching.  She joins us from Saint Peter’s Girls.
  • Fletcher Wren is currently studying a Bachelor Secondary Teaching and holds a Bachelor of Science.  He joints the Learning Strategies Team on Torrens Park Campus as an Education Support Officer.


ICT Responsible User Agreement

At the beginning of each year, students on the Torrens Park Campus will be guided through a series of activities that reinforce the responsibilities that we all have for making smart choices when using technology. New students are given a detailed outline during their ICT orientation on laptop rollout day at the beginning of the term. Mentors, teachers, Heads of House, and visiting experts, support an ongoing commitment to these smart choices with regular conversations, training sessions and reminders about expectations.

Many of the resources that support this program are available from the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner. There are some very useful tips for parents here as well.

The Responsible User Agreement that all students (in partnership with their parents) sign at the beginning of the term, clearly summarises expectations around security, privacy, harassment, copyright, plagiarism, data backup and safety. Your support in guiding smart technology choices is much appreciated and vital.

Mike Roberts
Digital Technologies Leader


Important Dates for Term 1

Date Event(s)
Wednesday 27 January ELC Club Scotch concludes
  New boarders return at 10am, remaining boarders return 2pm
  Year 7 Mentor meetings – all day
  New students Year 8-9 Mentor meetings – 8.30am-11am
  New students Year 8-9 Laptop and Sport Induction, 11am-1pm
  New students Years 10-12 Laptop and Sport Induction, 8.30am-10.30am
  New students Years 10-12 Mentor meetings, 11am-1pm
  Parent Technology Session, 10am-11am or 2pm-3pm, or 5pm-6pm, Lecture Theatre
  Mitcham Campus new students transition visits, 1.30pm-3.45pm
  Boarders Welcome Function, 5.30pm-8.30pm, Rosevear
  Torrens Park Dance Come and Try Session, 5.30pm, Old Conservatory
  Dance Information Night, 6pm-7pm, Lecture Theatre
  Music Information Night, 6pm-7pm, Lecture Theatre
Thursday 28 January Term 1 commences
  Mitcham Campus Welcome Back Morning Tea, 8.30am, Kallawar Lawns
  Torrens Park Campus Welcome Back Morning Tea, 8.30am, Webb Science Courtyard
  Senior School sport training commences
Friday 29 January Scotch 90 and Commencement Assembly, 11.35am, Chapel
  Musical Information Night, 6pm-7pm, Lecture Theatre
Saturday 30 January Senior School Sports Training
  EduTest Scholarship Test, Mitcham Campus Gilchrist Library, 8.30am-11.30am
Monday 1 February Middle School Sports training commences
  Mitcham Campus Acquaintance Evening, 6pm-8.30pm
Wednesday 3 February Mitcham Campus Summer Sport Orientation, 2.30pm-3.30pm
  ELC Tour, 9.15am
Thursday 4 February Torrens Park ID photo catch up day, Yr 7 and new students
Friday 5 February Music Camp departs
Saturday 6 February Summer Sport commences
  ACER Testing, 8.30am
Sunday 7 February Music Camp returns
Monday 8 February Year 6 Leadership Forum, Chapel
  Year 7 Outdoor Education Training Day 1
  Year 8A, 8B & 8C Swimming Lesson Marion, 8.45am
  Year 8D, 8E & 8F Swimming Lesson Marion, 12noon
  Education Committee, 5.30pm
Tuesday 9 February Year 5 & 6 Digital Citizenship Evening, Gym/Multipurpose Room
  Year 7 Outdoor Education Training Day 2
  Year 8A, 8B & 8C Swimming Lesson Marion, 8.45am
  Year 8D, 8E & 8F Swimming Lesson Marion, 12noon
  Infrastructure Committee meeting, 7.30am
Wednesday 10 February Year 7 Outdoor Education Training Day 3
  Year 8A, 8B & 8C Swimming Lesson Marion, 8.45am
  Year 8D, 8E & 8F Swimming Lesson Marion, 12noon
Thursday 11 February Scotch Presents, 6pm
Friday 12 February Year 7B & 7C Swimming Lessons, Marion, 9.20am
  Year 7A, 7D & 7E Swimming Lessons, Marion, 12.20pm
  Cn, Cl and Do Year 12 Students event at The Principal’s Residence, 6-8pm
Saturday 13 February Back to the Boatshed, 7pm
Sunday 14 February Pink Ribbon Breakfast, 10am
Monday 15 February Year 7B & 7C Swimming Lessons, Marion, 9.20am
  Year 7A, 7D & 7E Swimming Lessons, Marion, 12.20pm
Tuesday 16 February Mitcham Campus Pancake Breakfast for families, 8am
  Mitcham Campus International Family gathering, 8.30am
  Year 7B & 7C Swimming Lessons, Marion, 9.20am-12noon
  Year 7A, 7D & 7E Swimming Lessons, Marion, 12.20pm-3.00pm
  New Parents Dinner No. 1, 6.30pm
Wednesday 17 February Torrens Park Swimming Carnival
Thursday 18 February Junior School Group Tour, 9.15am
  New Parents Dinner No. 2, 6.30pm
Friday 19 February Go, Mc and St Year 12 Students event at The Principal’s Residence, 6-8pm
Sunday 21 February Netball trials
  Year 10 Goose Training Day
Monday 22 February Year 3 Swimming Carnival Excursion
  Year 10 Goose Training Day
Tuesday 23 February P&F Meeting, 7pm
Thursday 25 February TP Campus Group Tour, 9am
Friday 26 February SCOCA Golf Day, 12.30pm
Sunday 28 February Netball trials
  Mitcham Campus Musical Auditions, 2-5pm
Monday 1 March Mitcham Campus Learning Progress Meetings, 3.30pmn-8.30pm
Tuesday 2 March Year 11 Outdoor Education Training Day
  Mitcham Campus Learning Progress Meetings, 3.30pm-8.30pm
  Year 7 Parent get together, 6pm-8.30pm, Drawing Room
Wednesday 3 March Year 12 Ag trip to Fleurieu Peninsula
  ELC Group Tour, 9.15am
  Year 7 Parent get together, 6pm-8.30pm, Drawing Room
  Year 7-12 Dance Pulse (Gravity and other Myths), 6pm-8.30pm
Thursday 4 March Year 12 Outdoor Education Training Day 1
  Year 7 Parent get together, 6pm-8.30pm, Drawing Room
Friday 5 March Green Day – Clean up Australia
Saturday 6 March Rosevear Boarding House Open
  SACE Dance, 8.30p -10.30pm
Sunday 7 March Rosevear Boarding House Open
Monday 8 March Adelaide Cup Holiday
  Rosevear Boarding House Open
Tuesday 9 March Year 1 & 2 Swimming Carnival, 1pm
  Year 5 & 6 Digital Citizenship Evening, 5pm-5.30pm
Wednesday 10 March Year 8 Immunisations – Dose 1
  Year 9-12 Dance Impermanence, 8.30pm-10.30pm
Thursday 11 March Year 3-6 Swimming Carnival, 9am-3.15pm
Saturday 13 March Rowing White Jumper Presentation
  One Table, 5pm
Monday 15 March Year 7 Tarooki Camp departs
  Reception Swimming Showcase, 1.55pm-2.35pm
  Torrens Park Campus Parent Teacher Interviews, 4pm-7.45pm
Tuesday 16 March Mitcham Campus Harmony Day
  Year 11 Outdoor Education Expedition departs
  Junior School Group Tour, 9.15am
  Sounds of Scotch – Strings, 6.30pm-8.30pm
Wednesday 17 March Years 3-6 Camps commence
Thursday 18 March Year 11 Outdoor Education Expedition returns
  Inter Collegiate Cup commences with Pulteney
Friday 19 March Year 7 Tarooki Camp returns
  Years 3-6 Camps conclude
Saturday 20 March Head of the River
  Head of the River Dinner, 7pm
  Torrens Park Campus Summer Sport concludes
Monday 22 March Year 7 Tarooki Camp commences
  ELC Parent Teacher interviews, 4pm onwards
Tuesday 23 March Torrens Park Campus Group Tour, 9am
  ELC Parent Teacher Interviews, 4pm onwards
Wednesday 24 March Football Trial Game
  Rowing Nationals 1st VIII Crews depart
Thursday 25 March ELC Group Tour, 9.15am
  Years 7-12 Parent Teacher Interviews, 4.15pm-8pm
Friday 26 March Torrens Park Athletics Day
  Boarding Parents Weekend – Robe
Saturday 27 March Boarding Parents Weekend – Robe
Sunday 28 March Boarding Parents Weekend – Robe
Monday 29 March Rowing Nationals 1st VIII Crews return
  Years 7-12 Parent Teacher Interviews, 4pm-7.45pm
  New Term 2 Fraser transition, 4pm
Tuesday 30 March Year 8 Outdoor Education camp departs
  Cabaret Night, 6.30pm
  ELC Learning Journey Parents, 7pm
Wednesday 31 March Junior School Grandparents Day, 10am
  Blue and Gold Formal, 7.30pm
Thursday 1 April Term 1 concludes at 12.30pm
Friday 2 April Good Friday
Monday 5 April Easter Monday
Tuesday 6 April ELC Club Scotch commences
Tuesday 13 April Mitcham Campus Code Camp commences
Friday 16 April ELC Club Scotch concludes
  Mitcham Campus Code Camp concludes
Saturday 17 April Football Pre-season Camp
Sunday 18 April Football Pre-season Camp
Tuesday 20 April Term 2 commences