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Why Teach?


22 February 2019

Why Teach?

Why Teach?

It’s tricky being a teenager and sometimes it’s just a bit harder being the parent of one but at the end of the day they are fantastic individuals and I thought I’d share with you today three qualities of teenagers that makes working with them so great for the teachers of Scotch. 



Most teens have very active minds and active behaviours. They give you energy. Unlike at home where they lock themselves in their rooms and generally hibernate for long periods of time at school they are up and at it. As teachers we relish this energy and are constantly challenged to find new ways to engage and educate. It can be a challenging space because of obvious digital distractions but for the most part if you create the right environment and accountability for learning they will readily follow. Working with people who believe they are invincible gives your day that extra charge of delight!



No surprises there I’m sure. The amygdala in their brain plays a huge role during teen years. This part of the brain is associated with emotions, impulses, aggression and instinctive behaviours…regulation is not yet their thing. The staff at Scotch delight in creating open ended learning opportunities, so each has their turn to be heard and share their opinion. We soon learn never to butt heads with the ardent learner, better to use the strength of commitment and enable the opportunity for them to hear each other before challenging with the next level questions. We also know that negative emotion just doesn’t work. It’s all about optimism, variety and encouragement to do your best that is important and to be just as fervent as them by showing and explaining how self-regulation can be their friend! 



Avoidance, self-preservation or the desire for a more exciting life are often motivations to not quite reveal the whole truth. We get that. They also deceptively surprise us. Just when you think by the looks on their faces “they don’t care about what I’m trying to do here” they will stun you with a brilliant insight or tell you sincerely “what a great lesson it was” or simply have an “aha” moment showing they get it – it is this type of deception which makes them absolutely teachable and worth coming back for more tomorrow! 

The cliché rumour that in the staff room teachers gather to gossip idly about students and reveal that they are only in it for the money is so far removed from a Scotch teaching experience. In our staffroom we share stories and insights about learners, we challenge each other to do better, we look for ways to capture each child and help them find their ability in our subjects. I asked a new student in Year 10 today about her experience of Scotch and she said “It’s crazy. The staff want you to give your best effort and you do and no-one makes fun of you for trying”. 


Working with teenagers is a great challenge. Thank you for entrusting yours to us. We love the repartee, the enjoyment, the learning and knowing that these amazing young people will one day be in charge of our superannuation. A great incentive to be a great teacher!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Earlier this week children in the Scotch ELC were treated to a reading of 'Where is the Green Sheep?' by Mem Fox an……