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Woodstock Exchange


24 August 2018

Woodstock Exchange

Woodstock Exchange

Now in it’s fifth year – the exchange agreement between Scotch and Woodstock School in India continues to provide a transformational experience for 4 young people. Read below to meet the 2 Woodstock student’s first impressions at Scotch and also hear how life in india has started for Tom Voyvodich and Grace Lemonnier in Year 10.


Hello From Sapna and Akshaj!

Coming from Woodstock School in India, I, Sapna am here at Scotch College on exchange for 6 months. In the past 4 weeks I, along with another Woodstock exchange have been exposed to both Australian and Scotch culture. I wished to challenge and expose myself to learning and adapting to new places, getting out of my little bubble and seeing different cultures and lifestyles. All the great stories that I had heard about the school made me want to come here and experience it all myself! Upon arriving, and even after a month everyone in the community has been super inviting and caring. It is an experience very out of my comfort zone to have come away from home, from the mountains to the city of Adelaide. Trying new sports, courses, foods and making new friends has been a pleasure so far and I look forward to making more memories and experiences.

Sapna Tayal
Year 10


Hello! My name is Akshaj. I am an exchange student from Woodstock School in India. The reason why I wanted to come to Scotch was because I wanted to experience a different culture and gain new experiences from it. I wanted to explore new parts of the world that we haven’t seen and coming to Scotch would make one step closer to it. Some similarities between Woodstock and Scotch is that we are boarders there also and the weather is similar. Something different to Woodstock would be the uniform, back in Woodstock we don’t have any uniform, and we are allowed to wear anything we want! So, wearing the uniform is a significant change for us! One thing that we are looking forward to is going for the Goose Camp trip! I’m really looking forward to the rest of the semester at Scotch.

Akshaj Rajbhandari
Year 10


Tom Voyvodich & Grace Lemonnier

“On July 15th, Grace and I hopped on a plane and headed to Delhi to spend the next 5 months in a new country, in a new school and with new people. Arriving in Delhi was an interesting and amazing experience. It was extremely different to home, with millions of people everywhere and is impossible to compare to Adelaide.

I think it's fair to say that both Grace and I found it quite difficult over the first couple of weeks. The culture shock was something that you can’t mentally prepare yourself for. In saying this however, once we immersed ourselves and started meeting new people, we realised how amazing this experience really is how we would bring these memories with us for the rest of our lives. Having this opportunity to gain a global perspective, and make new friends from all around the world is something that I am really grateful for and can’t wait to continue to make new memories and share these experiences back home.”

Tom Voyvodich

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