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World Scholars Cup: Athens


28 July 2017

World Scholars Cup: Athens

World Scholars Cup: Athens

The Athens Global Round held over the mid year break was the most diverse, with 41 different nations competing across junior and senior divisions.

Upon arrival we spent a few days touring the city, and recovering from jet lag. We visited the Acropolis, Temple of Olympian Zeus, the National Archeological Museum, went shopping, and ate mouth watering greek food whilst enjoying the hot weather.

Our spare time was used to study for the competition!

The first day of competition was all about examination, writing and debating. We wrote about Why governments shouldn’t lie to their peopleWhy the human race is too focused on the what is over the rainbow, and Why a manned mission to mars would still be a successful mission if we didn’t return. We successfully debated against three teams, on the topics of Seeing into the future, The government using big data ethically, and Curses making sense of the world.

The next day we competed in the Scholars Bowl. During the bowl Riki was nominated as part of one of the ‘All-Star’ teams, due to her excellent results in the exam.

After the bowl and a lunch break, we had the debate showcase. This was an opportunity for all of the students to watch the best debaters from each region debate on stage after 15 minutes preparation. Lalla was selected for this and the team consisting of students from the Bahamas, Kenya and South Africa, won the motion That children should be taught mythologies.

On results day we were over the moon when we found out that we were placed 1st in the America/ Australia region, and 6th overall. Individually we also had some results we were very happy with.)Collectively we were awarded 6 silver medals, 34 gold medals, and 8 trophies. Our results qualified us for the next round, Tournament of Champions to be held at YALE University, America later this year.

On behalf of all the participants from Scotch, we would like to thank Mrs Beanland for being such a motivational and supportive coach. Mrs Beanland deservingly won ‘Coach of the Year’ at the Global Rounds – a fantastic achievement.

Lalla Nugent

Riki Theodorakakos 10Mc, Hugh Scaffidi-Muta 10Go and Lalla Nugent 10Do

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