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World Scholar's Cup: Hanoi


30 July 2017

World Scholar's Cup: Hanoi

World Scholar's Cup: Hanoi

On the last week of Term 2,  9 scholars journeyed to Hanoi to compete in the Global round of the World Scholar’s Cup.

The World Scholar’s Cup is an academic competition where scholars from around the world learn a designated syllabus and then compete against each in order to gain a coveted spot at the Tournament of Champions at Yale.

This year we had 1 Junior team and 2 Senior teams competing at the largest Global Round in the history of the World Scholar’s Cup, with over 4,000 students from all over the world.

We spent the first few days of our trip exploring the sights and sounds of Vietnam, with trips to the Old Quarter of the city of Hanoi, where we browsed the night markets, attended a traditional Vietnamese water puppet show, and a day trip to Halong Bay, where we wandered through caves and marvelled the beautiful islands around us.

We also visited the Australian Embassy, where we learnt a lot about Abassadorial fucntions and roles, human rights and our relationship withi Vietnam.

The World Scholar’s Cup organisers also arranged a Scavenger Hunt, where we were placed in small groups with other students, each being from a different country around the world. We had various challenges to complete within the Bao Son Paradise Theme Park. It was a great chance to make friends with the other competitors.

We first completed the Scholar’s Challenge, a multiple choice test with questions related to all aspects of the syllabus. Then we moved onto our three team Debates and finally the Collaborative Writing, where we applied our knowledge in order to answer questions, such as whether A government has a right to carry out false flag operations, or whether “Teachers have a right to debunk mythologies to their students. At the Scholar’s Bowl, we were required to recall our knowledge and answer a range of out-of-the-box-thinking questions within 15 seconds alloocated for each question.

To wrap up our experience, we had the Scholar’s Ball, which was an amazing party with all our new found friends.

Then it was time for the Closing Ceremony and the results: we were ecstatic to hear that our two senior teams came 9th and 10th in our region. We were very proud of how all the Hanoi scholars went, with a collective 11 silver medals, 32 gold medals, and 2 trophies between the students. Hopefully we can do just as well at the Tournament of Champions at YALE in November.

Kate Baker 10Mc on behalf of Zac Horbelt 9Do, Posy Read 9Mc, Cheyanne Baker 9Do, Ethan Chew 10Go, Sam Subramaniam 10St, Oliver Edwards 10Mc, Grace King10, Do  Harmony Gordon10Go

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