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World Vision Mini Walk for Water


1 June 2018

World Vision Mini Walk for Water

World Vision Mini Walk for Water

Every day children from developing countries walk more than six kilometres to access water for their families to survive on for the day.

Keep in mind half of this walk they are carrying many litres of water. Despite all this effort, often the water they are collecting is not clean which can result in serious illnesses, or even death.

A team of Middle School leaders, led by Annabel Montes, invited Scotch students to participate in a mini version of World Vision’s Global Walk for Water. This was primarily an awareness raising exercise for students to understand the effort required for a family to collect their daily water supply.  The children get up early, make a long walk with no food in their bellies, and possibly having had little water, to collect as much water as they physically can carry from a contaminated supply.

On Friday 18 May, a cold and wet morning, 66 students and 9 staff members gathered at 7:20am to participate in a designated walk route throughout the school grounds.  The second lap of the walk required them to carry a load, their school bags, to experience the additional load of water the children carry home. Information was shared on flyers posted throughout the walk. After the walk students participated in sharing the insight they gained from the walk, by email.

The most insightful student responses were from Thangam Verghese and Zali Ebbinghaus:

Going into the walk I didn’t even think about how the weather would impact us but then it started raining and the walk was harder than I anticipated. This helped me to understand that people have no control over the conditions they walk in.

If I were one of the children, I probably wouldn’t know much better, so I would be very grateful for the water, even though it is dirty, because I would be used to it. I would feel tired and thirsty, but again, the more I did it the more used to it I would become. Water is a part of every aspect of my life and I’m lucky enough to rarely have to worry about whether there is enough or if it’s clean.

Special mentions went to year 7 students, Rosie Alderson and Mollie Willson for their insights.

As an aside, students were asked to donate a registration fee for the walk.  The donations raised $786 for World Vision to invest in their clean, accessible water program.

Well done Annabel Montes, Winter Birkett, Hugo Kittle, Issy Jantzen and Millie Fidge.

Sherilyn Craven
Service Learning

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