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Yale scholarship a boost for Lalla's global aspirations


14 May 2018

Yale scholarship a boost for Lalla's global aspirations

Yale scholarship a boost for Lalla's global aspirations

Lalla Nugent wants to change the world – and now she’s off to Yale University on a scholarship as part of her quest to pursue a career in international human rights.

The Year 11 Scotch College student was selected for the Yale Young Global Scholars Program run by Yale University in the US.

She will experience living on the historic residential campus taking part in lectures and tutorials to learn about international affairs and security issues around terrorism and nationalism.

Lalla, 16, who is the school’s oratory ambassador, hopes to study at Yale University after completing Year 12 studies, to focus on a career in international human rights.

“I never expected to get in,’’ Lalla said. “I want to take steps towards ending global hunger and inequality between sexes, especially in third world countries where sex trafficking is prominent and a disproportionate number of women remain uneducated and illiterate.’’

Students from 126 schools will take part in the two-week program in mid-June. The sessions include lectures from Yale professors and mentoring from Yale students and recent alumni.

Lalla hopes learning from different academics will teach her more about human rights.

-- original article by Martina Simos appeared in The Advertiser, 14 May 2018. Picture: Brenton Edwards/AAP

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