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Raising Boys with Steve Biddulph
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Raising Girls with Steve Biddulph
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A home away from home


A home away from home

Being a boarder at Scotch College and being away from home for the first time can mean great freedom, but with that freedom comes great responsibility.

Our goal for our boarding students is to keep this experience from being overwhelming, the Scotch support network is vast. The Rosevear Boarding Community is staffed accordingly, with teaching staff and support staff providing continuous support and encouragement to all boarding students, in all areas of their school lives.

At Scotch College, we believe that our core purpose in boarding is to care for and nurture the students who have been placed in our care. We strive to make residential life a positive experience for all students by providing a care system that recognizes the individual and provides a caring family-like environment based on trust, cooperation and open communication. Scotch offers a totally unique boarding experience with boys and girls living together under the same roof.

The provision of a safe and secure environment is our first priority. Our team work with students and parents to create a dynamic and progressive community. We value authentic, trusting and respectful relationships. A personal approach enables each child to be happy and supported to pursue their passions and achieve their potential. We provide a safe and supportive living environment underpinned by respect. 

Respect for ourselves and each other fosters good interpersonal relationships and a celebration of difference. Our boarders consider the residential community as their family while they are away from home. Every member of the boarding community has a role to play in the creation of a caring boarding family where we all look after each other. Honesty and integrity are vital for a successful boarding life.

Boarding students at Scotch enjoy a growth beyond the classroom. Scotch boarders enjoy a combination of academic focus and preparation coupled with real-world experiences. Our focus on community service means that boarders have a global perspective and can recognise the needs of those less fortunate than themselves and they are encouraged to try to make a difference.

With a full weekend and extracurricular activities program to choose from, the Scotch experience becomes personalised and suited to all of our student's individual interests.

Spacious private rooms, meals prepared by a qualified chef and access to the latest technology are just some of the stand-out features of the Rosevear Boarding Community at Scotch College. As one of the finest boarding houses in Australia, Scotch's state-of-the-art boarding precinct has been purpose-built to cater for male and female students from Years 7-12.

Key features of the contemporary boarding house include large common rooms with kitchenettes, laundry and storage areas, dedicated study spaces, a tutors' suite, plus a large outdoor barbecue area for students to relax.

Accommodating more than 100 students every year, the Rosevear Boarding Community has been embraced by local, interstate and international students and their families who rapidly come to view the College as their second home.


Head of Boys Boarding
Dave Scholz
Head of Girls Boarding
Kara Cleary

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