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Junior School Tour (T4W3 2020)
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Take Flight Immersive Experience Day


31 July 2020

Take Flight Immersive Experience Day

31 July, 2020
9:00 am

Scotch’s Junior Campus programs are carefully and deliberately designed to meet the academic, developmental and wellbeing needs of contemporary learners at each stage of primary schooling. 

We are hosting an immersive day, where current, future and prospective students will come together to experience elements of the 2021 Scotch program.

Through a series of ‘Signature learning experiences’ at each year level, Scotch students develop their learning profile with lifelong skills that build from ‘Curiosity & Creativity’ to ‘Independence and success’. Scotch students are also encouraged to step out of their comfort zone which leads to a full sense of agency and empowerment through ‘Action and Influence’ and ‘Collaboration and Leadership’ by the end of year 6.

Visiting students will sign in at 9:00am at the Junior Campus Gilchrist Information Centre and Library, off the main gates on Albert Street. They are to be collected from the same venue at 3:00pm.

We ask that all participants bring their snacks and lunch for the day. Attire will be casual for all students.


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