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At the heart of everything we do
About Us


At the heart of everything we do

Wellbeing permeates our teaching programs, our student support structures and the policies that govern the way that we engage with students, staff and parents.

Our wellbeing program encompasses preventative and positive psychology and stems from the belief that it is only when we are at our best, that we can help others to be theirs. Student wellbeing initiatives take proactive action to support our young people to develop healthy minds, heathy bodies and healthy attitudes towards themselves and others.

The key question Scotch College posits is, “What are the wellbeing needs of a contemporary learner?” Inherent in the question is that the wellbeing challenges that students face now and into the future are vastly different to those of generations past.

As a society we have progressed from an industrial age to a social/informational age. With this development, the skills required by students and graduates are rapidly changing.

Leading employers and Universities are placing higher value on core wellbeing constructs including interpersonal skills, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. The modern learner will require skills beyond traditional academic knowledge to meet the criteria of an ever-changing world and marketplace.

There is also a growing body of evidence for mental health programs in schools. The right programs, deployed at the developmentally appropriate stage, can have significant impacts on both the prevention of negative mental health experiences and also the promotion of core life long skills.

Our Vision

In order to accurately develop upon the Wellbeing offering at Scotch College, the following vision statement has been prepared:

To develop engaged and connected learners who possess the knowledge, commitment and passion to enhance their own and others’ lives.

The statement encapsulates that Wellbeing begins, though certainly extends, beyond the self. Comprehensive wellbeing requires individuals to support, and meaningfully contribute towards, the lives of others.

From the Early Learning Centre to Year 12, Scotch has developed a holistic approach to Wellbeing both in and out of the classroom in an implicit and explicit manner. This ensures that students develop the skills, mindset and behaviours that contribute to social, physical, academic and emotional success.

Head of Students & Wellbeing
Shawn Kasbergen