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Early Learning

Give your child the best possible start
Our School

Early Learning

Give your child the best possible start

All children are unique, lifelong learners. They take risks and use their creativity to confidently explore their world.

Situated within the beautiful natural setting of the grounds of Scotch College Junior School on the Mitcham Campus, our Early Learning Centre offers children meaningful opportunities to be creative, curious, to discover, and to create theories to help them make sense of their world.

Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do, as is building positive community relationships and providing learning opportunities that are personalised and meaningful. We consistently strive for the best outcomes for children through continuous improvement, provide a dynamic and engaging learning environment, and value and encourage authentic connections to the natural world.

Children learn respect for one another and for the natural environment that they learn in. We are inspired by the principles of the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, and we believe that children learn best through play, discovery and authentic experiences.

Both indoors and outdoors, children are supported to explore, manipulate, discover, experiment and express themselves in many varied ways.

Wellbeing and a Positive Sense of Self

Our focus is on each child’s wellbeing, which includes providing a developmentally appropriate learning environment that fosters a positive sense of self, and ensures all children feel they belong and are connected, safe, happy, challenged, and respected.

Personalised Learning

We are a place of learning and fun for 3 and 4 year olds. We design and implement a curriculum that meets the needs of individual children, considering interests, abilities and learning styles.

Teachers assess children’s progress and use this information to adapt the curriculum as needed. We support children as they build positive relationships with the adults and children around them so they develop a sense of trust in the world, introducing them to new ideas, skills and concepts.

We value parents as the best source of information about the interests and needs of your child.

Exceptional Staff

Our 3 year old program is planned and lead by a Degree-qualified Early Childhood Teacher and our 4 year old program is programmed and delivered by two Degree-qualified Early Childhood Teachers. We believe there is a direct correlation between the quality of the teachers and educators that your child learns with, and the quality of the educational programs offered to children.

Degree qualified teachers have the knowledge and skills to design and implement high quality, effective early childhood programs. They understand child development, learning theories and pedagogical approaches and create age appropriate, stimulating, engaging, challenging learning experiences.

Strong Community

Children at our ELC are a part of the Scotch Community. As they grow older, they have the opportunity to establish relationships with an older student in the Junior School in the form of a buddy, helping them to transition confidently to their school years and to understand their connection and relationships with the wider community.

We offer the opportunity to participate in Specialist Lessons at the Junior School which can include Art, French, Music, Chinese and Library lessons in the year before beginning school.

Our focus is on creating positive community relationships and a safe, supportive learning environment.

Our “One School” approach enhances the wellbeing and learning opportunities for our students and allows families to feel connected with each other, the whole Scotch College community and also the wider community.

“The young child is the first great researcher. Children are born searching for and therefore researching the meaning of life, the meaning of the self in relation to others and to the world.”
• Carla Rinaldi
Director of Early Years
Nicole Slack


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