The Webb Society

Recognising Philanthropic Loyalty

The Webb Society

Recognising Philanthropic Loyalty

Success is often said to be the result of hard work, learning, persistence and loyalty.

These are precisely the traits of former Principal and Foundation Board Member, Ken Webb, who’s continued dedication and commitment to Scotch through philanthropy was honoured at the end of November 2018.

The Scotch College Foundation established the Webb Society recognising and celebrating loyalty to the College as demonstrated through sustained giving for 15 years or more, no matter the size of the gifts.

This Society embodies all that is at the heart of Scotch – altruism and generosity with exceptional dedication and unfailing commitment.

Webb Society Members

The following names make up the members of the Webb Society. They are also listed on the Webb Society Board in the Drawing Room of Torrens Park House.

Mrs C Alderman Mr A & Mrs A Just
Mr B & Mrs J Arnold Mr A & Mrs N Key
Mr A Bensimon OAM & Mrs N Bensimon Mr J & Mrs L Kramer
Mr H & Mrs A Bone Mr M Landau
Mrs J Bourne & Mr D Bourne Mr R & Mrs U Lawrence
Mr C Brooks  † Dr M Llewellyn-Smith AM & Dr I Llewellyn-Smith
Ms G Budich Mr J & Mrs C Longmire
Mr J & Mrs J Camens Ms F Lyons-Reid & Mr A Harris
Mr P Camens & Dr A Padbury Mr J & Mrs R Maine
Mr B  † & Mrs D Charlton Dr D & Mrs S Mann
Mrs S Chase AM Mr B Marshall
Mr A & Mrs S Colyer Mr G Mayfield
Mrs M Cottle Mr W † & Mrs L Mayfield
Dr R Craig O.A.M & Mrs J Craig Mr R & Mrs D Mollison
Mr R & Mrs J † Dyson Mr M Neck †
Mrs V Edwards Mr W & Mrs J Newbegin
Mr W & Mrs B Fargher Mr P † & Mrs S Paterson
Mr D † & Mrs M Freebairn Mr L Pawson OAM & Mrs R Pawson  †
Mrs S Farrington & Mr C Hill Mr A & Mrs F † Pink
Mr D & Mrs C Ford Mr S Rickards
Mr A & Mrs P Freeman Mr J & Mrs C Robinson
Mr A & Mrs S Fuller Mr P Routley AM
Mr A Gardner Dr A & Mrs S Saies
Mr B Gibson † Mr P Santos
Mr G Gordon Mr B & Mrs R Sawley
Mr J Grant Mr P Sharman †
Mr P & Mrs R Griffiths Mr F Slade
Ms T Hanel Mr D & Mrs A Smallacombe
Mr M & Mrs M Harrington Mr J Thomson †
Mrs C Heard Mr P Trumble †
Mr G Heard OAM Dr N Vrodos & Dr A Galanopoulos
Mr J Heard AM † & Mrs A Heard Mr J & Dr D Walter
Mr R & Mrs D Hill Mr K & Mrs L Webb
Prof C Holmes-Liew & Prof M Holmes Mr S White
Mr T & Mrs V Hughes Mr R & Mrs D Willson
Mr I Jamieson & Mrs M Kelton Mr J & Mrs M Wood
Mr A Jarvis Mr R & Mrs J Young
Mrs J Jeffries

† Deceased

Director of Philanthropy
Rebecca Healy

08 8274 4305