Scotch College Foundation

Assuring success and financial transparency

Scotch College Foundation

Assuring success and financial transparency

Philanthropy enabled the establishment of Scotch College in 1919 as a memorial to the Sons of Scotland.

The Scotch College Foundation was established in 1988 to continue this tradition and on the premise that while tuition fees may cover the costs of a Scotch education, achieving the College’s broader educational aspirations, requires a spirit of community giving.

The Foundation’s first project was the development of the Multi-Purpose Hall on the Mitcham Campus in the 1990s and since then, through its Building Fund, the Foundation has helped raise over $8 million towards building projects such as the Webb Science Centre and the Rosevear Boarding Precinct.

Through its Education Fund, the Foundation also helps fund a number of student scholarships to Scotch College Adelaide, to enable meritorious and deserving young people to benefit from a Scotch education.

Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Scholarship Endowment Fund was established in 2016 to increase opportunities for young people to access a Scotch education and to increase diversity in the College community. The Fund was constituted so the principal, currently $5million and growing, will never be spent. A portion of the income generated each year is provided to the College to fund Scholarship commitments. Contributions have tolled over $150,000 since inception and forecast to increase rapidly as the principal increases. Any earnings not allocated are also reinvested, increasing the principal base, consolidating the ability to grow scholarship contributions over time.

Foundation Membership

Membership of the Foundation is open to all donors who have cumulative giving $5,000 or more.

There are different levels of Foundation membership, based on an individual or organisation’s cumulative level of giving.

  • Member – $5,000
  • Fellow – $12,500
  • Trustee – $25,000
  • Benefactor – $50,000
  • Patron – $100,000
  • Governor – $250,000
  • Guardian – $500,000

For a membership information pack please contact The Philanthropy Office on (08) 8274 4335 or via

Foundation Board

The current Foundation Board comprises diverse and highly skilled Members who share the Scotch vision. Old Collegians, past parents and current parents provide background knowledge and a deep passion for Scotch, while the diversity of their professional backgrounds allows for appropriate stewardship of the money entrusted to, and invested by, the Foundation.

Chairperson: Mr Peter Harvey (’91)


  • Ms Alexandra Dimos (Vice Chair)
  • Ms Emma Ewer ’83 (Council Rep)
  • Mr Bronte Wilson (Council Rep)
  • Ms Sue Chase AM ‘76
  • Mr Phil Camens ‘76
  • Dr Chien-Li Holmes-Liew ‘93
  • Mr Andrew Freeman (’80)
  • Mr John Kramer
  • Mr Christopher Brake
  • Ms Jasmine Yelegin
Director of Philanthropy
Rebecca Healy

08 8274 4305