Our School

Middle School

A time to be connected, courageous and challenged
Our School

Middle School

A time to be connected, courageous and challenged

A time of significant physical and social-emotional change, the Middle School provides an environment that fosters connectedness and challenges students to be courageous in their learning.

Middle School represents a key transitional period for young people as they transition from dependent to independent and from asking “Who am I” to saying, “This is who I am”. 

At Scotch College Adelaide, we aim to educate students to be responsible risk takers who seek adventure over comfort and enhance not only their own life, but also the lives of others.

Breadth of Learning

Middle School is the time to try everything. Students need to explore a range of learning opportunities in order to find their passion. Scotch College Adelaide offers a broad academic program in the Middle School, with students engaging in a range of subjects in purposefully designed learning spaces. 

Specialised agricultural facilities, science laboratories, visual arts studios, drama theatres, film studios, design technology workshops, food technology kitchens, and the Purruna Spencer Newton Centre ensure that learning is engaging, relevant, and rigourous.

Scotch College Adelaide also offers a broad co-curricular program consisting of sport, performing arts and enrichment pillars. A commitment to the sporting pillar is compulsory for all students in the Middle School, with a balanced focus on individual growth, teamwork, and group culture and connectedness. 

The scope of sports on offer caters for a range of interests and abilities and includes robust interschool competitions and representative teams. Performing arts opportunities include instrumental music, vocal ensembles, musical theatre, and dance showcases. Enrichment opportunities include domains such as STEM, Oratory, and academic competition. 

In the Middle School, students are encouraged to participate across multiple co-curricular pillars as they explore areas of interest.


Wellbeing is integral to the educational offering at Scotch College Adelaide. Our focus on wellbeing aims to ensure that students’ physical, psychological, social, and academic fitness is enhanced through appropriate resourcing and challenging. 

In the Middle School, all students participate in weekly Wellbeing lessons that facilitate targeted preventative programs, and our Student Wellbeing Leaders ensure that there are appropriate resources in place for students as they navigate and grow from their individualised challenges.

9 @ Scotch

9@Scotch, a signature learning experience for Year 9, is designed to meet the needs of developing adolescents. Driven by key themes of Critical and Creative Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Intercultural Understanding, Sustainability, and Personal and Social Capability, the program challenges students to move from an ego-centric understanding of the world to a more considerate and global one.

9@Scotch includes the Odyssey Program, a 12-day off-site experience designed to further develop independence and resilience. The Odyssey Program involves students:

  • living in self-contained units,
  • taking responsibility for a shared living environment, including managing their
  • relationships with others,
  • planning, budgeting, purchasing and preparing food, and
  • participating in an outdoor education expedition involving a 24-hour solo experience.
Experiential Learning

Not all learning can take place within four walls of a classroom. Scotch College Adelaide embraces opportunities for students to learn from experience. 

Compulsory Outdoor Education experiences occur at each year level in the Middle School, encouraging students to step outside of their comfort zone, develop resilience, and grow in confidence. Students also engage in excursions and other forums that enhance the academic program through connection to cultures, industries and communities.

Inclusive Learning

There is no one-size-fits-all approach learning, and Scotch College Adelaide aims to ensure that all students are appropriately challenged. 

Differentiated teaching practice is used alongside the provision of learning support where relevant to ensure that the learning program is inclusive of all types of learners.

Digital Learning

We are living in a digital age, and students at Scotch College Adelaide use a range of digital technologies in their learning.

Laptops are used by students in the Middle School to access digital learning tools and demonstrate outcomes of their learning, accompanied by comprehensive policies and programs that support their responsible use. 

Our online learning management system facilitates a partnership between students, teachers, and parents by making students’ learning visible and enabling a continuous reporting model of their achievement.

The Importance of Transitions

The Middle School is deliberately structured to support the transition from primary school to high school. 

Year 7 reflects a hybrid structure with students learning in a Homegroup supported by a Homegroup teacher, however, students move around the campus to specialised learning spaces and engage more frequently with specialist teachers. 

In Year 8, students transition into a House-based Mentor group supported by a Mentor and Head of House, with academic learning taking place in a mixed core class group with specialist teachers. 

This continues into Year 9, with academic learning taking place in a variety of different class groups.

Head of Middle School
Craig McFarlane


08 8274 4261