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09:15AM 04 April
Term 1, Week 10
Early Learning Centre Tour (Term 1...
02:00PM 06 April
Scotch 100 Festival
09:00AM 08 May
Term 2, Week 2
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 09 May
Term 2, Week 2
Early Learning Centre Tour (Term 2...
09:15AM 21 May
Term 2, Week 4
Junior School Tour (Term 2 2019)
09:15AM 28 May
Term 2, Week 5
Early Learning Centre Tour (Term 2...
09:15AM 12 June
Term 2, Week 7
Early Learning Centre Tour (Term 2...
09:15AM 31 July
Term 3, Week 2
Early Learning Centre Tour (Term 3...
09:15AM 12 August
Term 3, Week 4
Junior School Tour (Term 3 2019)
09:15AM 20 August
Term 3, Week 5
Early Learning Centre Tour (Term 3...
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Early Learning

Early Learning

Give your child the best possible start

Early Learning

Give your child the best possible start

All children are unique, lifelong learners. They take risks and use their creativity to confidently explore their world.

Located in the grounds of the Junior School on Mitcham Campus, Mitcham, our Early Learning Centre offers children wonderful opportunities to participate in a wide range of engaging activities.

Focused on positive community relationships, best outcomes for children and continuous improvement, we provide a safe and supportive learning environment. Children are taught to respect one another and to value interactions with others through play and discovery, inspired by the philosophy of Reggio Emilia.

Children can access secure grassed play areas and enjoy supervised access to the creek, farm and campus animals.

Both indoors and outside, they can explore, manipulate, discover, experiment and express themselves in many varied ways.


Caring Staff

Our trained Early Childhood staff members provide a safe and happy environment where children can develop creatively, socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

They have an extensive knowledge of Early Childhood development and the principles of Positive Psychology including the wellbeing program, Program Achieve.


Personalised Learning

Children may start at our Early Learning Centre from the age of 3 years. They will be able to explore the world guided by a Reggio Emilia inspired approach with personalised learning programs for every child. Based on each child’s interests, these programs will help enhance the learning outcomes for each child and ensure that every child enjoys a curriculum that is inclusive and encourages their participation.

Once children turn 4 years of age, they will continue their journey to school-readiness, enjoying the group dynamics and shared learning of Specialist lessons in French, Music, Art, Dance and Library visits.


Strong Community

Children at our ELC are a part of the Scotch Community and House System. As they grow older, they have the opportunity to establish relationships with an older student in the Junior School in the form of a buddy. This helps children to transition confidently to their school years and to also understand their connection and relationships with the wider community. Our focus is on creating positive community relationships and a safe, supportive learning environment.

Our "One School" approach enhances the wellbeing and learning opportunities for our students and allows families to feel connected with each other, the whole Scotch College community and also the wider community.



"We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience."

-- John Dewey

Director of Early Years
Tania Darling

Junior School

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