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09:00AM 31 July
Take Flight at Scotch
Take Flight Immersive Experience...
09:15AM 25 August
Week 6
Junior School Tour (T3W6 2020)
09:00AM 31 August
Week 7
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 17 September
Week 9
Early Learning Centre Tour (T3W9...
09:15AM 27 October
Week 3
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 29 October
Week 3
Junior School Tour (T4W3 2020)
06:00PM 30 October
Meet the Makers 2020
09:15AM 11 November
Week 5
Early Learning Centre Tour (T4W5...
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Choosing a school for your children is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

To make your decision easier, Scotch College employs a simple One Fee structure: at Scotch there is one tuition fee for each year level. Please see the most recent Scotch College Fee Schedule for a breakdown of annual fees for each year level.

The only extra disbursements which may be added onto a family account will be for non-core expenses. These may include certain co-curricular activities such as music, rowing, fencing, the P&F levy and any other charges that you may nominate to charge to your account.

The student ‘booklist’ is for text books and other minor subject specific consumables and is paid separately direct to the supplier.

The cost of the College uniform is an additional cost which varies according to the year level of the student.

Rebates are offered for fee payments made in advance and for families with multiple siblings attending the College.

More information is available in the Scotch College Fee Schedule. ELC Fees and Fees for International Students are also available for review.


Other Costs and Fees

Entry Fee and Disbursements Deposit

Total enrolment fee: $3,000 as outlined below

  • An entry fee of $1,000 is payable on acceptance of offer as confirmation of enrolment.
  • A $2,000 holding fee is payable on acceptance of offer and confirmation of enrolment and is non-refundable. This however, can be credited towards the first tuition fee statement issued by the College for the mutually agreed start date (if all enrolment and payment conditions are met).


Holding Fee - Absence

A non-refundable charge which equates to 50% of the relevant fee is levied when a place is held for a student taking leave of absence for a term or longer.


Laptops & iPads

Students must have a laptop/iPad computer of a type and design approved by the College. All students in Years 5 and 6 must have an iPad. All students in Years 7 to 10 must have an Apple laptop computer. Students in Years 11 or 12 may have either an Apple or a Windows laptop computer. A student who already owns a laptop must have it checked and approved by the College to ensure its suitability, prior to school commencing.

More details about laptop and iPad ordering is available here.


The Pre-Paid Education Plan

Under the Pre-Paid Education Plan, parents (or others) may pay tuition fees in advance on a term-by-term basis at today’s fees, thereby spreading their financial commitment over a long period and hedging against fee increases. For further information, please see the Prepaid Education page.


Director of Admissions
Carrie Cousar

Pre-Paid Education

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Congratulations to Tom and Sol, who recently achieved second place in the Digital Technologies Hub Arcade Game co