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09:15AM 28 May
Term 2, Week 5
Early Learning Centre Tour (Term 2...
09:00AM 07 June
The Power of Purpose
09:15AM 11 June
Term 2, Week 7
Early Learning Centre Tour (Term 2...
09:15AM 19 June
Term 2, Week 8
Early Learning Centre Tour (Term 2...
07:00PM 26 July
2019 Scotch College Musical
Les Miserables
09:15AM 31 July
Term 3, Week 2
Early Learning Centre Tour (Term 3...
09:15AM 12 August
Term 3, Week 4
Junior School Tour (Term 3 2019)
09:15AM 20 August
Term 3, Week 5
Early Learning Centre Tour (Term 3...
09:00AM 22 August
Term 3, Week 5
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 19 September
Term 3, Week 9
Early Learning Centre Tour (Term 3...
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Junior School

Junior School

Growing confident, connected and adaptable learners

Junior School

Growing confident, connected and adaptable learners

Building a learning foundation at Mitcham Campus is an opportunity for life.

The Mitcham Campus learning experience centres on combining explicit teaching for the mastery of foundational learning skills, with the fostering of inquiry to promote curious, innovative, discerning and critical thinkers.

We are a welcoming community, big enough to have broad facilities but small enough for staff to know every student, parent and extended family member.


Working Together in an Ideal Learning Environment

Our programs and approaches are designed to cater for the varying interests and learning styles of all students, regardless of their gender, background, strengths or learning profile.

The advantages of co-education are clearly documented and fully supported by our families.

Coeducation prepares young people to take their places naturally in the wider community and provides a solid foundation for the development of meaningful and lasting relationships in life. All members of our community learn to work together, breakdown any misconceptions, and understand and respect each other.

Nestled into the foothills of the Adelaide Hills, with Brownhill Creek traversing Mitcham Campus, students always have opportunities to climb logs, gather gum nuts, float sticks down the creek or shadow ducklings, along with choices to play on custom built sports courts, playgrounds or on the oval. A progressive Outdoor Education experience also enables students to work in aquatic, coastal, parkland and rural settings.


Broad Curriculum

We design contemporary, signature learning experiences at each stage of the Primary Years to ensure each child’s learning is relevant and purposeful.

Whilst many schools aim to make their students ‘future ready’ we understand that ‘today ready’ is just as important. Therefore, our challenge each day is to ensure every child is not only engaged in their learning, but empowered by their learning!

During their years on Mitcham Campus, students and their families work with a team of educators who are committed to ongoing training and working collaboratively to positively impact on all learners, not just those they directly teach. We know that catering for student learning styles and needs must occur in the classroom with the Home Group teacher, who is responsible for overseeing the majority of a students’ learning. We focus on identifying and meeting each child’s point of need in their learning and moving them forward.



Student Wellbeing is at the core of all we do and at the heart of Scotch’s culture.

The Scotch Fit model promotes and acknowledges the importance of students being academically fit, physically fit, socially fit and psychologically fit. We also teach stand-alone, ‘Growing with Gratitude’ and ‘Wellbeing and Values Education’ programs.


Living Well

Year 5 is a year of impact and action. Scotch's Live Well Program gives students the tools they need to be happy, independent and resilient learners ready to take on the world.

Year 5s begin to develop their personal voice and explore the concepts of influence and action, taking major steps into a world where they can take charge of their own learning and personal development. A major component of this development is the first stage of Scotch's unique Live Well Program, running from Years 5 - 9. 

This comprehensive learning program is a first in any Australian school with a focus on what it means to lead a life that is well-lived, with modules exploring sustainable living, food, technology and nutrition, physical wellbeing, global responsibility and service learning.


Promoting Leadership

Student personal and peer Leadership is fostered from the rst year of school. Each class has delegates who join our environmental ‘Green Team’ and Student Representative Council action groups. I-Champions are also inducted to support their peers in each Middle and Upper primary class.


An Inclusive Community

As learning is not something that takes place in the isolation of school, we are committed to establishing and maintaining positive partnerships with parents and carers.

We recognise that our families have busy and connected lives beyond school so we aim to keep our communication formats consistent and predictable. Consents are gained through the CareMonkey App, Reports are accessible through an online portal and Newletters are sent via links. We support open lines of communication at all times. Parents are invited into the classrooms on a daily basis and their assistance is always welcomed.

The Junior School also has numerous major community events with wide, family participation, including Sports Day, Swimming Carnivals, Grandparents’ Day and musical performances.



Head of Mitcham Campus
Ieva Hampson

Middle School

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