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Old Collegians

Old Collegians

Continuing friendships and connections for life

Old Collegians

Continuing friendships and connections for life

The role of the Scotch College Old Collegians Association (SCOCA) is to promote and develop friendships among members of the Association and the College community.

The SCOCA has a strong bond with the school maintaining an active interest in current and future developments.  Services provided by the association include scholarships and support for various sporting clubs. A host of special events are held regularly including the Annual City Dinner, reunions, community dinners and the biannual Back to the Blue and Gold.

Within the SCOCA we have many special interest groups, open to Old Collegians and friends of Scotch.  They include:

To learn more, visit the Old Collegians' website at


Our Objectives

The objects of the Association are:

(a) To promote and continue unity and fellowship among the members of the Association, and between members of the Association and students attending Scotch College, Adelaide.

(b) To continue the connection and interest of the members of the Association within Scotch College, Adelaide.

(c) To promote and further all that appertains or may appertain to the welfare of Scotch College, Adelaide.

(d) To establish, provide, continue and discontinue:
- Prizes for competition among students attending Scotch College, Adelaide.
- Scholarships, bursaries and exhibitions for the purpose of enabling or assisting the holder to commence continue his or her education at Scotch College, Adelaide or at any university or other tertiary educational establishment.

(e) To initiate, control, subsidise or assist any undertaking, proposal or matter relating to Scotch College, Adelaide, or the Association.

(f) To provide and maintain club houses, club rooms, pavilions, arenas, dining and refreshment rooms, garages and generally such lands, buildings, premises and facilities as may be required for the convenience of members and in furtherance thereof, to purchase, acquire, sell lease, or mortgage any real or personal property and to apply for and hold any certificate, permit, licence, pr licenses as may be required for the sale and supply of intoxicating liquors to members.

(g) To do all acts, matters and things conducive to such objects or any of them.


Scotch Seniors Group

The Scotch Seniors Group, otherwise known as The Black Label Group, are a committee of our older Old Collegians.

Their main role is to help the College maintain its links with the over 50 Alumni, through activities such as reunion luncheons and writing birthday cards.

They are an invaluable and lively team, and if you are interested in joining the committee, please phone the Development Office on 08 8274 4314.


Find Out More

To find out more about SCOCA and their interest groups, visit the Old Collegians' website at


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