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09:15AM 27 October
Week 3
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 29 October
Week 3
Junior School Tour (T4W3 2020)
09:15AM 11 November
Week 5
Early Learning Centre Tour (T4W5...
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One School Philosophy

One School Philosophy

One School Philosophy

We have an unrelenting regard for the needs of the individual.

Children at Scotch are not a statistic. We are not a machine or a system. A great College is a community where every child thrives and their wellbeing is paramount. We only employ staff who can display their high capabilities as teachers and their capacity both inside and outside the classroom to ensure that students’ educational needs are met.


We are a united community. 

From the ELC to Y12, we share the values of communal wellbeing, mutual support, and enduring commitment to the purposeful educational journey of our students. Our constellation of parent support groups, vast networks of volunteer support and huge evidence of philanthropic instinct ensures that our students grow up knowing that they too have a part to play in building communities as part of their professional and personal lives.


We believe in a more united world. 

This education is not just for the here and now. Students are made regularly aware of their responsibility to give back to a world which needs constant problem-solving, patient understanding, original thinking and concerted, strategic action. Whether as professionals, citizens or parents, our students’ long term wellbeing means that the world can be a better place because they have walked in it.


WATCH: Dr Newton discusses how we innovate as a school, highlighting the recent Education Committee Think Tank Eve