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09:15AM 15 February
Week 3
Early Learning Centre Tour (T1W3...
09:15AM 24 February
Week 4
Junior School Tour (T1W04 2022)
09:00AM 03 March
Week 5
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 09 March
Week 6
Early Learning Centre Tour (T1W6...
09:00AM 22 March
Week 8
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 22 March
Week 8
Junior School Tour (T1W08 2022)
05:00PM 26 March
Solitaire Automotive Presents One...
09:15AM 31 March
Week 9
Early Learning Centre Tour (T1W9...
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Parents & Friends

Parents & Friends

Parents & Friends

The individuals that comprise the Parents & Friends are committed to building the school community and to assist with fundraising.

Each year P&F members along with many supporters from the parent body assist in a wide variety of tasks from the large and very public events such as One Table and the Fashion parade to the smaller yet equally important functions, such as;

  • Transporting boarding students to off campus appointments
  • Welcoming new parents and students at orientation days, morning teas, year level drinks and many other friend raising events
  • Providing food and beverage sales and assisting with preparation and clean up for events like sports day and SAPSASA days
  • Facilitating the end of year text book sale.

The monies raised through the P & F contribution are used to cover any costs incurred in carrying out the above activities and the remaining balance is added to any money raised throughout the year to purchase additional leisure, educational and teaching resources for the College that would otherwise not be funded through the College's capital budget. 

If you would like further information or would like to join the Parents & Friends please contact:


Scheduled Meeting Dates

Below are scheduled Parents & Friends meeting dates for 2021. Please be sure to check calendiary for updates and changes to the schedule.

Middle and Senior School Parents and Friends Meetings

Meetings are at 7:00pm held in the Archives Room on the Torrens Park Campus (or you can join via Zoom).

  • Tuesday 23 February
  • Thursday 27 May (Joint meeting for Torrens Park and Mitcham Campus, Drawing Room)
  • Tuesday 17 August
  • Tuesday 26 October
  • Thursday 19 November (Joint AGM, Mitcham Campus Library)
Mitcham Campus Parents and Friends Meetings

Meetings are held at 8.45am in the Community Room on the Mitcham Campus.

  • Friday 19 February
  • Thursday 27 May (Joint meeting for Torrens Park and Mitcham Campus, Drawing Room)
  • Friday 20 August
  • Friday 22 October
  • Tuesday 23 November (Joint AGM)


Old Collegians

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