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07:00PM 05 August
College Musical
Beauty and the Beast: The Musical
11:30AM 12 August
Madagascar: Junior School Musical
09:15AM 18 August
Week 5
Early Learning Centre Tour (T3W5...
09:00AM 19 August
Week 5
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 24 August
Junior School Tour (T3W06 2021)
09:15AM 09 September
Week 8
Junior School Tour (T3W08 2021)
09:00AM 14 September
Week 9
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 16 September
Week 9
Early Learning Centre Tour (T3W9...
09:15AM 19 October
Week 2
Junior School Tour (T4W02 2021)
09:00AM 27 October
Week 3
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 28 October
Week 3
Early Learning Centre Tour (T4W3...
09:15AM 11 November
Week 5
Junior School Tour (T4W05 2021)
09:15AM 17 November
Week 6
Early Learning Centre Tour (T4W6...
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Senior School

Senior School

Our engaging curriculum is coherent, relevant and inclusive

Senior School

Our engaging curriculum is coherent, relevant and inclusive

‘Whole of life’ preparation requires great experiences and a Scotch College Senior School education does just that.

We know we are preparing students for a disrupted world and that their success as individuals and global citizens will be based on their willingness to engage with the world beyond school.  

Our graduates not only develop the skills and values that will enable them to be world class scholars but also joie de vivre which will carry them through the next stages of their wonderful lives. 


The Senior School Journey

In Year 10, students commence their three-year journey towards their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) accreditation. The College's Personal Learning Program which comprises "real world" work experience and community service, personal development, learning styles and study skills promotes student understanding of life beyond school. Year 10s are also given a chance to attend an unforgettable school camp on Goose Island near Port Victoria regarded as a rite of passage each year for all who visit.

The seeds of intrinsic motivation are nurtured as students gain independence and are given the trust and respect to take responsibility for their learning.

All students in the Senior School have the opportunity to participate in our Plus One acceleration program. Scotch students hungry for extension and opportunity in their studies will find this program meets their needs. This extension enables students to gain insight into the language and structure of SACE courses and also provides study flexibility in Years 11 and 12.

In Year 11 students have extensive subject choices as they start to make selections for their pathways either to University, TAFE or the workforce. Formal examinations are held at the end of each semester in preparation for Year 12. The demands of Year 11 are well understood by staff and it is at this year level that our students hone their executive functioning skills in particular communication, planning and prioritisation, organisation, memory, self-monitoring and analytical and creative thinking.

Year 12 students take further responsibility for their learning with scheduled study periods. Many students opt to take an additional subject to keep their options broad. Using a strength based approach, we encourage students to challenge themselves in their studies and to pursue their areas of interest and our Careers team work closely with the graduating class as they prepare for the next step. 

We are aware that one of our key responsibilities is to create a successful transition from schooling into the next phase of their life and beyond. A love of learning is only possible if emphasis is given to the importance of the journey and students can see beyond the end result. Scotchies graduate not only proud of who they are but also knowing they have the keys to future success in their possession.


Service & Leadership Programs

Through a comprehensive program across the three years of Senior School all students gain and improve their skills enabling them to develop responsibility to self, their school and the wider community. Using an ethical framework based on the values of respect, integrity and compassion our golden thread in the Senior Years is to leave school knowing you can make a positive and sustainable impact in your community.

“Serving others is an incredibly rewarding experience that will humble you and provide you with an invaluable perspective on what it means to make lasting change.”

- Ollie von Doussa,Class of 2015


Outdoor Education

Goose Island is a unique experience for all Year 10 students with each class spending 5 days on the island. The Goose Island Conservation Park lies to the north of Wardang Island in Spencer Gulf, 13km from Port Victoria.

As environmental custodians of the island Scotch students are involved in a variety of environmental activities including monitoring flora and fauna, as well as challenging physical activities including sailing, kayaking, swimming with sea life and snorkelling through shipwrecks. Through these activities Year 10 students gain an appreciation of the environment of Goose Island and learn marine safety, sailing and other water-based skills.


We believe that it is only when we are at our best, that we can help others to be theirs.


Wellbeing is integral to our offering. It is an approach and an attitude that is embedded in the interactions in the classroom, the way students and staff greet each other in the yard and the opportunities for development provided throughout our co-curricular programs. Our vision is to develop connected and engaged learners with the knowledge, passion and commitment to enhance their own and others’ lives. 


Quality Relationships

Developing independent learners is fostered through the time and guidance offered by our Mentors as part of the House system and specialist support staff including Careers, Psychologists and Curriculum leaders.

There is a strong partnership between home and school, as together we enable students to realise their potential. Our focus on the whole person has unique, tried and tested approaches to adolescent growth and development.


An Extraordinary Education

Scotch College endeavours to teach, guide and encourage students to become vibrant scholars who are able to learn independently, respect the rights of others and who are willing to serve the community and be passionate about life. The education opportunities at Scotch help students to excel by giving them the tools to explore their inner strengths, strive for their goals and achieve their best. The College has an excellent reputation for academic results and, more importantly, developing students as fine young people ready for future challenges.

As your child’s schooling concludes they will leave knowing they are able to meaningfully contribute to society and inspire others with the goal of making our world a better place. Here your child will be known, nurtured and encouraged to not just settle for the ordinary... they will learn to be extraordinary!


Deputy Principal
Head of Torrens Park Campus
Dale Bennett


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