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07:00PM 28 July
2022 Musical
Bye Bye Birdie
09:15AM 02 August
Week 2
Early Learning Centre Tour (T3W2...
09:15AM 16 August
Week 4
Junior School Tour (T3W4 2022)
09:15AM 24 August
Week 5
Early Learning Centre Tour (T3W5...
09:00AM 25 August
Week 5
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 15 September
Week 8
Junior School Tour (T3W8 2022)
09:00AM 20 September
Week 9
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 22 September
Week 9
Early Learning Centre Tour (T3W9...
09:15AM 25 October
Week 2
Junior School Tour (T4W2 2022)
09:00AM 02 November
Week 3
Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 03 November
Week 3
Early Learning Centre Tour (T4W3...
09:15AM 17 November
Week 5
Junior School Tour (T4W5 2022)
09:15AM 23 November
Week 6
Early Learning Centre Tour (T4W6...
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From our earliest recorded Cricket match in 1921, to the wealth of seasonal sporting fixtures on offer, sport has always been an essential part of Scotch College life.

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We offer a wide and varied sports programme that provides competitive and recreational opportunities for students of all levels – from enthusiasts to elite athletes – to ensure that our students lead healthy and fulfilling lives at School and beyond.

We strongly believe in the educational value of training to work as part of a team, competing according to individual levels of attainment, and the personal development that the process of winning and losing can provide.


Sports Offered

Summer: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball (Girls), Cricket, Rowing, Tennis, Softball, Swimming, Volleyball

Winter: Netball, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball (Boys)


Our Vision

We build on strengths and explore areas for development in each student.

Sports participation is built from a solid foundation in Junior School. Over 90% of our students are involved with sport during their time at the College and many continue after school through participation in Old Collegians teams.

Our five-stage sporting pyramid allows students to experience and progress through each stage of development and ability level at their own pace. At its base, a focus is placed on the fundamental skills in each the sport. 

Artboard 1.png

These skills are built through both the PE curriculum and co-curricular programmes, where athletes have the opportunity to move from participation to high performance.

We build on strengths and explore areas for development in each student. Each student is guided and supported to make their experience in sport rewarding and fulfilling. 

Physical and emotional safety is the number one priority for our coaching team. It is the underlying focus for all of the sports systems, structures and programs that are implemented by our coaching staff, to ensure that the development of the individual
is paramount.

Our students enjoy an outstanding record of success at local, regional and national levels. At any one time, a significant number of our boys and girls are representing their state or country in their chosen sport.

Further information is available in the Scotch Sport Brochure below.

Sports Information



Objectives for sport are to ensure that all students:

  • feel they belong
  • are improving in their fitness, skills and knowledge about themselves and sport
  • are challenged regardless of skill level and ambition
  • have fun in physical activity
  • learn and demonstrate sportsmanship, teamwork and respect for rivals at the highest standard possible
  • have the opportunity to participate in a school team
  • ensure that sport contributes positively to the social and academic development of our students


Sports Academies

SC6209 copy.jpg

In 2018, Scotch introduced Sports Academies in Cricket, Football, Netball and Soccer to develop the Scotch sport offering to include a pathway for our highest performing Middle School students across a range of sports through an academy offering to develop their skills and ability.

The pathway enables us to assist students who have identified potential in their nominated sport to achieve their sporting goals, accelerate skill development for students in preparation for senior first team representation and potentially beyond school representation, provide high quality coaching sessions to extend students with experienced and quality coaching staff and work in partnership with Elite external organisations Flinders University to provide specialist coaching and workshops.

To learn more, view the Sports Academies Information PDF below.

Sports Academies


Community Sports

Scotch College is pleased to offer Community Sports running on both Torrens Park and Mitcham Campuses. For more details about Community Sports, visit the Community Sports page.


Sports Timetables

Sporting fixtures (training and games) can be found in ScotchLife.


Sport Contacts

Jarrad Schar (Head of Sports Programs)
E M 0429 800 256

Performing Arts

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